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I LOVE these fabrics...but that is no surprise to me because Kaufman fabrics are right up there in my top 4 favorites. Always beautiful and also always whatever I'm looking for, from bold to delicate. But these "Essential Scrolls" by Jennifer Sampou...well, those beautiful brights made me realize I'm going to have to get my crutches into the car and head to the local quilt shops today. So, so beautiful. Especially the red, orange and yellow as I have been looking for just the right hues in those colors to coordinate with a beautiful bright leafy focus fabric that I fell in love with over a year ago and picked up 3 yards for a quilt I knew would be very special, even though I haven't pick out a pattern yet, LOL. Then of course I couldn't find the right bright tones to blend with it and the more subtle tones I have already found that are perfect and...no surprisingly, most are from Kaufman. These definitely look like the solution. I hope I can find them here. Allyson ... Your 'Quilting Queen' display is absolutely delightful. Thanks for another great post. Keep em coming!!!

My daughter and I love those fabrics, too. We first discovered them in Sonoma, CA...in 20+ colors. I can't imagine that they would ever go out of "style." They really are versatile: soft (curviness) bold (bright colors).

Thanks again for another great post.

BTW...the only fabric purchase card I ever cashed in on was from the Quilt Tree...and I live in northern California!! My son-in-law was stationed up there for a few years.

Now that truly is a love story for the ages. I don't think I've ever had such a long love affair with a "basic" fabric. I must be too wishy-washy to make a 10 year commitment. :)

I just bought one of those "Quilting Queen" signs for myself. Guess there are two Quilting Queens now. LOL!

Oh, I also love those scrolls! A couple of years ago I had a bundle of fat quarters and made a Yellow Brick Road quilt using just the scrolls and still love it to this day!

Hi- Nedra here from cactus-needle. You left a comment on my blog. I can't find your e-mail address, so hopefully this will reach you.
You asked about the source for the wool pillow that my friend Ricci made. She purchased a kit from www.woolylady.com
I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!

Ok, you women have just frosted my cupcake!! I am here in Mexico (over a year later since your post) living with my family in the artistic community of San Miguel de Allende and have started designing again! Heading for Robert Kaufman this Winter of 2011 with some new designs under my arm...That scroll was my baby who I truly loved and hope to have a few more!! Keep a look out, OK?

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