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It looks like you have the stash to make any of these lovely quilts. I've always liked red and white quilts and just recently made a quilt where I added some blue to my red. I was so happy with it I bought another kit that uses red, white and blue.

I'm going to order that Nantucket Stars pattern, I Love It!!

Instead of marking patterns that appeal to me in my magazines, I tear them out and file them in a binder by category. This January when I was organizing my sewing room I counted the patterns in my binder..122....I will never get to all of them!
Some people collect fabric, I seem to collect patterns!

I am so enjoying your blog, I don't always leave a comment but check for new posts everyday.

I laughed so hard when I read your post today. I was looking at my stack of magazines and pattern books yesterday and I have so many sticky note page markers that it truly looks as though I have marked every page. Our choices are so numerous that I'm like a kid in a candy store!!! As for your comment on the colors of our Nations Flag...WOW...food for thought. That is something that had just never occured to me before and I just can't imagine any other choices coming together like our Red, White, and Blue.

Can't wait to see what lovely quilt you design!

Waving from another quilter north of Willow Alaska!


I had to have a red, white, and blue quilt, but did not want a stars and stripes look. Moda's Zippity Doo Dah fit the bill perfectly! Sure, it has a few stripes and stars, but I fell in love with the flower prints! So I used a jelly roll with a free Moda pattern (http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_1974-revival.pdf) and it worked out great. Now if I could just get the last border on!

I'm enjoying your blog!

Oh, make Nantucket Stars. I really like that pattern!

oh! i agree! i LOVE red white and blue quilts. thanks for sharing such great pics!

What a beautiful red, whit, and blue stash you have--there are so many different patterns to choose from, too???? I was behind on reading your post and as I had dial-up service until yesterday--I often couldn't wait for all the photos to download, so tonight it was a great treat to see them all in less than a minute!!! thanks for introducing us to your cats--I am a big cat lover--even though right now I do not have one---see ya soon--hugs,just, Di--PS I love great calico cats??????

WOW, I'm right there with ya! I have the 2nd one you've pictured started (the center part) and I've done the 6th one. I've been eyeballing another for awhile (cover of Amer. Patchwork & Quilting 2/09) and more so now since a gal had it at guild last night!! Hooray for the RW&B!!

Yes! Brilliant as always my friend! I think we should have multiple quilts for every holiday and season. You can never have too many Christmas quilts, red white and blue quilts, fall quilts, valentines quilts. You name it, the more the better. That is quite a red and blue stash you have going there.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue *S* I love the combination and anything Americana so much that I keep a room in the house decorated in the theme - that way even when it's not the 'patriotic' season, I can keep my goodies on display.

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