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Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories about Tigger and Butters. They certainly are a loveable pair, despite their little quirks. Do they help you with your quilting or do they just like to supervise?

Thanks so much for all the great cat photos and sharing Tigger and Butters' stories! What a pair you have and you can tell they are well loved. Very smart cats. I bet you are glad that Butters' doesn't have opposable thumbs or you would really have some trouble!!!

When I was younger, we had an enormous orange tom named "Tom"...original huh??? (I was young, lol). We had pet doors for the dogs, so Tom also went in and out as he pleased but ALWAYS slept inside at night on my bed. He was so big (tall and mucscular)that people driving by would stop and ask what breed of cat he was. He actually came from a litter our petite little gray female, Pussywillow had. By the way, we called her 'Willow', I didn't want to raise any eyebrows out there **wink** He was the runt of the litter but just kept growing. One day at about 8 months old he just dissapeared...we were devastated. It was somewhat of a farming community and everyone knew everyone so we came to the conclusion he had just gone exploring and met with some terrible fate. Then a full 4 months later, he just strolled in one day, sporting a new collar, a little bit skinney and really dirty. After a meal, a bath, and a good long cat nap, he was back to his normal adorable self. The only change in him was he refused to go into the front yard. Never again did he set foot out front by the road which made us believe he had be stolen by one of the people that had stopped so often to admire him. We had him for another 9 years before he peacefully passed in his sleep. I've had many cats through my life though now that my hubby and I have developed allergies we now have dogs. We both miss the company of cats to be sure but our dogs provide us with a wonderful love and companionship that is beyond measure. I don't know if I have told you this before but your picture of Tigger is so much like our 'Tom' that I am flooded with memories eveny time I see it.

Love your cats! They each have definite personalities! We have 8 (!), only one of which we actually sought out. The dangers of living on a cul de sac in a military town, with people moving a lot. Actually had one just waltz right in thru the cat door! We have hopes that as the young adults move out they will take some cats with them. LOL

Love your story of Tigger and Butters.
I believe that I have told you my Mars cat stories- She is orange and a smaller version of Tigger- though she has more white than Tigger. ( We had a cockapoo dog named Tigger that was a real character too)
Butters is an amazing cat- I thought Mars was pretty talented to be able to flush the toilet but Butters does indeed win the prize.
They are a great pair of cats- My husband will love the picture of Tigger and the fridge.LOL



Tigger looks so calm and relaxed and Butters looks like he's ready to pounce! Bet you have lots of stories to tell. Nancy in WI

those two kitties are so stinkin' cute...

The Pics of your kitties are wonderful. I just thought I'd give you some info on the fear of plastic bags. Some cats are very sensitive to certain pitches in sound. So it isnt a fear exactly, it's just that the sound, to him, is like fingernails on a blackboard to us. One of mine is freaked out by the sound of his food hitting his cat dish. That came with age but age doesn't always cause the sensitivity.

Too cute! We don't have cats anymore, since I am slightly allergic to them, but have had our share. And they all have their quirks and their distinctive personalities, don't they?

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