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All those shoeboxes of kitted projects...what a wealth of possibilities! You never need to waste time trying to think of something to sew.
I'm afraid I'm usually one of those who works on 1 or 2 things at a time. But I don't like that down time between projects. Last winter, I carried fabrics and cutter to meeting and cut while the others sewed. I cut 2 projects at the same time. Then I had to put them away for several months while life got in the way and while I finished up some more urgent projects. By the time I got back to those 2 pre-cuts, I didn't like them anymore. Go figure! I guess I'm better off finishing 1 or 2 at at a time. :-p

I can easily be Door #3, too.

I thought I was bad when I counted several months ago and found that I had about 20 projects laying around. I am really determined to get most of them done before I start on a really big project. I bought a kit in Anchorage 8 years ago that I finally started last year that is still waiting for more work. That is sad. UFO or WIP...semantics. For me, I've had to make 6 grandkid quilts since 2001 and sometimes I just HAVE to do a little something (potholders, bibs) just to get my itchy fingers satisfied and to feel some accomplishment. Love your blog....

I am so glad there are others out there as bad as me. I am sure my UFO or whatever they are called number in the 30's and the piles of uncut great ideas are threatening to add to that number. I want to do them all. I would take the time to list them all but that would take up time that I could use to start something new. Love your blog. Glad I found it. A-

68...oh my....now thats an accomplishment! How long have you been quilting? The accountant in me wants a yearly average of projects started. The accountant in me would also like to know how many projects you've finished so I could do a ratio of completed to not, because if you completed 680 project your completion ratio is 90%!! Very impressive!

I'm a 1, but please don't hate me. I've only been quilting 5 years. Plus it's really my parents fault, they instilled a "finish what you start" habit that seems to be impossible for me to shake. The thought of having several project going at once makes me nervous. I'm a To Do list kind of girl and the fewer things on my list the happier I am.

Thanks for sharing, it will be interesting to see if anyone can break your record!

I would say I'm a Type 1. I might cut out 2 or 3 projects to take to my retreat every fall, but I don't consider it a WIP until I have started sewing, and then I work on only one quilt, start to finish. Well, except for BOMs, which is why I am so terrible at BOMs - it pains me to make ONE BLOCK and then wait a whole month for the next one to arrive, so I usually start those, then let them pile up until I have the entire quilt and then. Ooopsie - it's a UFO. Ok, so that's my exception to Type 1.

So tell me, Allyson, since you are so very organized, do you also keep a list of projects that you have all (or most of) the materials for? I do keep an Excel spreadsheet listing all of those and - whoa doggie - that's a little frightening!

I am a 2.5, I have several projects going on at the same time that are all near about the same progress, but then something else catches my fancy and I'm starting something new... the "to do" pile is getting longer... eek!

Since you've forced me to think about it, I guess I'm a 3. I don't have a tremendous amount of UFO's lying around...maybe 6...well, 8...but I'm easily distracted by the next yummy fabric or must-do pattern. I used to love the (hand)quilting process more than the piecing, so I'd get things done. But now it's the piecing I'm enjoying more, so those unfinished quilts are stacking up.

Quilter's ADD? You have just described me. Work for the rest of my life, just using up my stash? Yup, I could probably do that.
Why don't we live closer together? We would have such fun enabling one another to buy more fabric.
For me, it is a UFO if anything has been started on it. And believe me, I have dozens of them.

You sound like you wrote this right out of my brain... I too am stuck neatly in door number three, but I am putting forth good effort in mending some of my ways - When I do any sewing right now that is not obligatory, I am working on an oldie... But I feel the lure of something new and wonderful... Heck, anything new & wonderful can lure me away at any moment.

Well, I guess I fall into the relm of a fairly tidy quilter. I have one big quilt top that I am piecing right now and one french braid table topper waiting to be quilted...that's it!!! The table topper hasn't been quilted because I am going to do it myself and I have yet to decide exactly how I want to quilt it, then I have to practice on my quilting skills (meager at best). Of course there are my BOM's, I'm currently doing 3 different ones, one of them in 3 separate colorways and I am all caught up on them. HOWEVER !!! You didn't talk about projects that you have carefully selected fabrics for, neatly folded, bagged, labeled with pattern attached or in the bag, waiting patiently for you to start them. (I just started quilting last year though so habits may change.) So, if you count "projects in waiting"
...well, I don't know that I can count that high. I have to admit that it is very very hard to force myself not to grab a bag and shove my current project to the side and start something new but I decided early on, after having 3 quilts going at once, finishing them all at the same time and the paying the quilter for 3 at once (one was a king sized bedspread, one queensize, the other a throw) I went into shock. That was it. Nope, outside of the BOM's I belong to, I do not work on more than one project at a time. (crossing my fingers that it will stay that way).

I had not choice but to comment on this one! I am Door #3 as well..Quilter's ADHD I call it. I love starting new things. Once something is cut out, in the back of my mind, I know it will get done someday and it's okay to set it aside for now. For me, starting is a guarantee that someday it'll get made. BUT, I did go back and finish 3 old projects this summer, and by old, I mean over 5 years on each. I do feel better about that. Don't ask how many new ones I started, though! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

I'm a type 3 for sure. I've never counted my UFOs but there are MANY. Several years ago I decided to work on only 1 project straight through till it was finished but I got bored with it and wouldn't let myself start something new so I did no quilting for almost 6 months! Then I realized I would always be a type 3 and I was okay with that as long as I eventually finished things and had fun along th way.
A speaker at my quilt guild showed a large number of her finished quilts and then told us how she starts many projects, putting each in its own box with everything needed to make it then clearly labels the box and adds it to her shelves of UFOs. She has over 200 and prefers to call them works in progress. That made me feel much better LOL.

I'm a 3 and not afraid to admit it! Actually I have only a few UFO's - those are the ones I don't think I'll ever finish! I have lots of WIP's - will someday, maybe finish them. I also have several baskets of things like pincushions and postcards - they are projects that will continue on and on....

Hey, I figure it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars! LOL!!!!

Your post today "takes the cake" as they say==it gave me lots of chuckles, between it and your comments you got from it so far!!!!
Me--I am a "3" to be sure--I have lots of tops to be quilted--but to me they are "TBQ"--in other words they are finished and just waiting there turn to be completed some day--but there is no longer fabric pieces and patterns to keep track of and I do display them as is--soooo---now for unfinished and in progress--well--there is lots of them--all there little bits and pieces in bags, ect---and then there is the mountain of a "wam"--that is "wanna make" like I wanna start that one yesterday--or today--but there is other things that need my attention first--like this month has been my "Christmas" month and I have done only Chmas so far--but I have ordered some neat fall fabrics and my fingers are just "itching" to start work on them????? Have fun--hugs, just,

I am sooooo #3. But they are works in progress not UFOs (grin). Started the year trying to only work on WIP quilts, but began to feel resentful towards them when the new kids on the block would dance in front of my eyes. So, now I do one old one and then one new one. So far all are happy with that arrangement and my whining has stopped.

I am a #3 as well. It's a sickness. . . I only have 12 UFO projects. I guess that doesn't sound like a lot but I have 19 completed quilt tops waiting for me to hand quilt them. That part is very overwhelming. A member of my quilt club passed away this year and it made me realize I don't have forever to make all the things I want or have already purchased fabric for. I asked myself what projects would I feel badly that I hadn't completed them. It turns out that there were two specific projects that shouted out to me. One was the Piece & Plenty BOM from fatquartershop.com. I had the top done and I am currently on the last row of hand quilting. The other project was an original applique quilt top that no one but myself would know how to finish. The applique is complete and it's waiting for it's turn on the frames. It's been hard this year staying focused on these two quilts (and I have slipped a few times) but I feel so liberated somehow that they are getting done. Sorry this is so long.

Oh, I also wanted to say
GREAT POST! It has made us all do a little self evaluation. Good Job.

I am one of "those" who start a project and finish before I start the next. The problem with this is sometimes I get bored with it and then it just sits and I dont do anything. I forget where I put my mojo. I am trying to change this I almost cut out my next project before I had finished my second bom for Designer Mystery block but then the third block came....geeze!

Well I also have quilters ADD. It's a horrible affliction. I break out into a sweat when I see new fabric that I don't have or a little pattern that I just have to do(start). My doctor says Its just a hot flash but I no differently.

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