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Your pictures of Alaska are just beautiful! Sounds like a fun shop hop.

Yes, please show us what you purchased! I love to see how other people match up their fabrics, and also what kind of fabric catches the eye...just because!

What a cool way to travel- I bet you ladies all had loads of fun.
The flowers were gorgeous, especially the pansies!
I love the buggy barn Heart pattern- I have had that pattern for years and have planned to make it and just never get to it. Not sure why- someday soon perhaps.
Going on your quilt hop sounds like quite the adventure..


I just found your blog and love it!! I was in Skagway last summer. A great little town, loved it! I also have a fat cat named Rolo, 22 pounds of love. Also, 2 other kitties as well. I just love your photos and stories. I will definitely be back!

**in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite** Lucky!!
Love the pics...the flowers are from your longs days of sun, huh?

So fun to "go with" you on the hop...even if it was just one store. I bet that store owner was ever so glad to see you gals. And I'm sure you super enjoyed the trip. Again...Lucky!!

As usual, my heart sighs when I see those lovely, majestic mountains. Thanks so much for keeping us in photos! And the flowers are scrumptious, too!

All that and fabric shopping, too--what a treat!

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