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Aack...my heart is skipping beats like I really missed something. And I did!!! I want the cute little cheery number at the bottom (1 please), and I like the swirls that match in pics #1,2,3. (1 in each color available, please.) I would have LOVED this trip..who cares it was to only 1 store. I love the smashed-avocado piece you have. Is that Moda for Christmas? What is the name of that line this year? LOVE the falls pic...and the whale story is just right...EVERYONE gets excited when they see whales no matter how long they've lived in Alaska.

Great post, as usual. Thanks for writing.

PS is that you in the first or 2nd pic?

Loved this post, but believe it or not the Hammer Museum is my favorite part. Who would have thought?

What a great post!!! Love the Hammer Museum...I'm gonna have to ask my hubby if he got to that while he was in Alaska from 2002-2004. I wasn't able to go with him as we were raising grandkids and my health can't deal with the cold (long story)... but he really wanted to work up there for a while (and of course it was a promotion). He says Skagway is amazingly beautiful but he says that about ALL of Alaska. Maybe one of these days we'll take the ferry and I will get to see some of it. But I digress. The flowers are amazing and I drooled over all the treasures you picked up on your 'hop', and I adore the randomness of your shopping. I do much the same thing, unless I have pattern in hand for something specific. Otherwise it is just anything goes, I'll figure out what I'm going to do with it later. ***wink*** Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and taking us along on your 'hop' with you!

Well Fat Cat, those flowers are stunning and so large.
What lovely fabrics you found- I expect you will have a grand time creating something wonderful with them. I have never seen orange and green fabrics before but they certainly are cheery..
While the falls do not have an imaginative name, they really are beautiful to look at- You do live in a very beautiful area. The photo of the pilings is stunning..

Warmest regards,

Sounds like a fun excursion. And all that beauty...both outside the shop and in. Perfect.

What a beautiful place you live in. The photos are stunning. I love the hammer museum. What great fabric you chose too.

I'm with you on the fat quarters--I like to buy lots of them for the variety unless I fall in special love with a fabric--and then I'll buy 4-5 yards so I can decide later what to do with it and not worry about whether it's still available.

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