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Allyson, Wonderful post! I so enjoyed your job narrative! It made me miss my job and then be glad I'm retired!

Good Luck with your Schnibbles, from what I've read from other posts, several of us are struggling to get Miss Rosie's look when using a different family of fabrics.

I'll be eager to see how your choice comes together, I like the fabric, you're off to a good start.

Today is my sewing day also, I'm hoping to make some real progress on my Schnibbles too.

What a hoot! You made me laugh with the "what time does the 4:30 train leave" and "how long is the three hour tour" line!! But you must hear things like that all the time! I'm glad you'll get a few months off to "be" and sew in peace. Can't wait to see your Scnibbles quilt. I'm going to be lucky if I can make a Tuffet a month - let alone a quilt!!! :-)

September/October is the time I really start thinking about quilting again too....I guess our lives are just too busy in the spring/summer. But when it's time to "hunker in", it's time to "hunker down" with some new fabric and a pattern or two.
I am late learning about A Year of Schnibbles, so I hurriedly ordered a complete kit in Glace. Now I'm glad I did! Is there a site (I missed) that tells us what the patterns are for the year? So I could plan ahead? I just found one shop selling them, and saw no info beyond the Sept. pick.
Good luck with your project...I love your final choice. That's a fav line of mine.

You are a delight. I so enjoy reading your blog. I, too, am looking forward to a long sewing season. Good luck on your Snibbles.......

Hmmm... I worked in Yosemite for years (1o) I am very familiar with those questions! Hilarious! I don't think you can go wrong with the Cornicopia group. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Working with the public is so much fun. A woman asked if we had any grey sweaters. I held up a solid grey sweater for her approval, and she said "That's not grey". Really? Ok, what color IS it then? A woman pulled a pair of grubby sweat pants out of her tote bag. "I need something to go with these pants". So I took her over to the tee shirts. She looked at me in horror. "I wear these pants with my best blazer. I need something DRESSY to go with these pants".
Spare me. In my next life I am going to be a hermit and lock myself in my sewing room for 20 years.

Your choice of fabric is so inviting. Love the reds. Can't wait to see your finished project. So glad you will be getting some well-deserved quilting time soon. Enjoy!!!

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