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I'm in, too, Allyson. For as many of the Schnibbles patterns that I have collected (like, nearly all of them...), I too have yet to make one! I got started on my flying geese today. I can help you with Typepad - you need to make it a typelist. Email me if you need more help.

I'm doing the Year of Snibbles too. I have my pattern and I'm making this quilt with Legacy charms. I too picked the fabric by what charms I already had. I have a bunch of Snibbles patterns and of course they picked one I didn't have. Have fun making your quilt.

I'm in! I picked up my pattern yesterday at my LQS, local being a 90 minute round trip. I debated all night what fabric to use, now that dawn has arrived I think I'm going with Gobble, Gobble. I'm feeling "fallish" and am wanting to get my fingers on some fall fabric.

I'm hoping to get going on it this weekend!

I too am a Schnibbles Virgin!!

I haven't heard about the 'Year of Schnibbles", can someone fill me in???

I haven't heard about this either but would love to join! I love schnibbles and Carrie!

Hey, when you are here (for the longer visit) will you help/teach me some sewing basics? remember how I bought those cute Christmas balls at Gardeners' Village?! Well, you have to cut them out and sew them! I definitely need help, especially since my mom cannot help right now...we can even bring her new BabyLock sewing machine over (I am only allowed to use it with your utmost supervision!)?!?!

Oh yes, of course you are doing the Year of Schnibbles! I am doing Winter White with Gobble Gobble. I will just use the reds and browns for the flying geese and use all the beiges for the bigger squares. I have the fabric spread out on the cutting board and was hoping to get started today after work!

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