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How fun to get FUN mail...not bills or junk mail. The mail service for my friend up there is the same...she says sometimes she won't get mail for 2 weeks. But you sure make up for it when it does arrive. How sweet and wonderful for Nancy to "donate" some of her stash to you. It is gorgeous Christmas fabric.
You will be busy busy busy, that's for sure. And that means we'll get to see LOTS of your projects, won't we? *wink wink*

Quilters generosity is beyond compare. It is also contagious...okay, now I have a question. Reference your "Are You In" post on the "Year of Schnibbles. There were two of us that had never heard of it and were interested. Can someone fill us in? I LOVE Schnibbles!!!! Thanks so much.

I'll NEVER complain about my mail service again.

Good Haul on the Miss Rosie patterns! I love them all. Plus the directions are just fun to read, even if you never make the quilt!

Oh my gosh, look at that collection of patterns! Are you doing the Year of Schnibbles with PinkPincushion? It will be so fun. I too, never tire of Folk Art Christmas fabric.

No, sadly I've never been to Alaska. I picked up my Lavallee print in Paducah, Kentucky at the annual quilt show. I did not know she lived in Alaska! She was raised and educated in my neck of the woods!

Ms Lavalee's bio says she's a happy person, that sure comes across in her work. I smile every time I pass that work of art!

What a bonanza of patterns! I'm glad you discovered Miss Rosie's patterns - Carrie is my favorite designer.

Did you know I almost bought you one of those patterns because I LOVED it so much and knew you would?! How great is that!!!

How exciting to see my fabrics in their new home. They look quite content. And my mailman brought me something very unexpected and quite lovely as well. We're both blessed.

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