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I had a charm pack of the Renewal. I think you have made a good choice.

I have used some fabrics from that line, I like it.

You are correct, the pattern calls for the right combination of lights, mediums and darks.

I have rearranged my Gobble, Gobble on my design wall no less than 10 times. I'm still searching for the perfect combination. I sure hope I don't spend all month working on my Schnibbles!

I think that what ever fabric you choose to use, it will turn out lovely. I do agree with you though. Nice variety of light, mediums and darks.

I think the Renewal group would look good! (I am having a bit of the same dilema right now also).

Glad to know I'm not the only one changing my mind! I purchased all the fabric but am not real excited about it! I chose Frosted Memories and there is just too much cream...

Well now, your coming to Utah, my territory!!! I hope your coming down for something fun. I also had to add my two cents about you changing your mind. If your anything like me, you'll run onto yet another collection and change your mind again. I get so caught up in 'auditioning' fabrics for projects that I take forever getting started. Sounds like I'm in good company though. I do love the Winter White selections. Really lovely.

I too am having a hard time deciding on what fabrics for the Schnibbles pattern--first i thought of winter song by moda, as I have ordered a lot of that line for some other projects--so have plenty--then I think maybe I will use the Glace--as I have 2 charms packs on their way--then I think I will just do it in all blues with a white accent--so who knows yet--just know you are not alone on this decision making!!!!
have fun with it--hugs, just, Di

Here's what I did: Instead of using the charm packs, I am using a layer cake. That way I can eliminate the colors I don't want to use and still have enough fabric for the project. I am using Gobble Gobble, which has dark/mediums in green, light orange, brown and rust. I am only using the brown and rust for the flying geese. The lighter squares will be all the beigey lights in the collection. I think if I do that the top will have a more controlled look to it, which I like. The charm packs just don't give me enough options to do my own thing.

Those are so pretty. They will make a beautiful Schnibble. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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