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I think your quilt is great! Love the colors and the plaid! Like you, I used to have such a time with flying geese -- in fact, I have always avoided them! I took a class this summer with Carrie Nelson and she suggested the "Fit to Be Geese" rulers from Open Gate Quilts. She was right -- they make it fun! And they work -- it's easy! Go to Carrie's blog and look at last week - she demo'd the rulers!

It's lovely weven with the clipped points. I like the plums!

It looks great from here! But I know what you mean about ripping out. I think it definitely is proportionate to how tired one gets. I think the quilt looks lovely with Tigger!

The quilt is lovely! The overall effect is very pleasing to the eye. If it helps - I've been a quilter for 39 years - started in the crib (lol!!!). I have worked professionally in the business for 8 years - and I still have days when the points just don't come out right! It depends on the project if I rip, let it go, or redo completely. If I redo, I'm saving the clunkers for their own "clukner quilt" - everything will be off and wonky - a true sampler of life!!!!

love the colors and fabrics. Tigger coordinates well with your choices. My cat decided she liked my small table topper quilt. I kept finding it all over the house. She loves napping on it and gets highly insulted if you try to take it away. It is now officially her quilt.

I love this fabric line! I have quite a stash of it that I haven't used yet. You know, I am saving it for just the perfect quilt. :~) I think this is just gorgeous! I love, love, love the plaid! And yes, it does bring out the best in Tigger!

Are most of the Schnibbles small like this? I've liked several of the ones I've seen on various blogs, but not sure how practical it would be if they aren't big enough to at least use as throws.

I am having the same problem with my Schnibble's flying geese! Idon't know what I'll do with mine but I feel like scrapping the whole project!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like your Schnibbles, it's warm and inviting. I would have never noticed your geese if you would not have pointed it out. I clipped a few wings but had more trouble with the head to head geese, they were usually off just a smidge. Like they were trying to avoid a head on collision.

Now we have a week to do something else before this all starts up again!

Are you not going to worry about the October Schnibbles until after vacation?

Sounds like you are hitting the road with the best attitude! Have Fun!!

Road trip!!! Sounds like F.U.N. Be safe and careful.

Drive safely and have a great time! I am going to Utah next week for a shop hop! Should be a ton of fun!

Love the way your Schnibble turned out. The colors are soft and lovely. Have a wonderful safe trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

From here the geese look like they're flying fine. Have fun in Utah!

LOL about your friend timing her birth to your end of tourist season! I love how your Schnibbles quilt turned out, and it's even better with your cutie-pie matching kitty laying on top of it!

Your schnibbles turned out fantastic. I wouldn't worry about those wings. The geese seem to be flying straight despite their wings being clipped!

I think I'm more of a perfectionist with myself than with anyone else, cuz I didn't notice the missing points until you said something. :-) Just came back from my own 1700 mile in 4 days road trip. It was a blast, but kind of hard to get back into the swing of things today!! Have fun!!

Oh I love it! Mine came with a dog :)


Love the Schnibble. It seems that everyoen had trouble with the geese.
Roadtrip with a girlfriend, to see a girlfriend? Now that sounds like fun. Enjoy!

I think the gesse look great and love the Fall-ish fabric you chose. My geese are the same colors, plum and peachy!

Your quilt looks great. I love the colors.

Very nice and soft colours. Love plaid /floral combination.
Hugs from France

It's beautiful!! I love it.

I love your quilt! It's beautiful ~ and I particularly like the plaids you included. As someone who also needs the approval of four-legged family members, I'm glad to see that Tigger approves!

I understand about the flying geese. If you get the chance to try it, I think you'll like the Fit to be Geese ruler. It can make a huge difference.

Mint Milanos? Can I come sew with you the next time you take a quilting trip? Puhleeeeze? :)

Really missing you and your updates. Hope you're having a fabulous time.

I love how your Winter White quilt came out, so pretty with the plaid fabric.

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