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Keep 'em! They are adorable! Toe cleavage or not...

Ohmygosh, they ARE adorable. I'm not a toe cleavage kind of girl, either. I also HATE for my toes to be cramped.

As cute as they are, save your money for a pair you love wearing.


Allyson, I think they're very cute but if you don't like how they look maybe you should return them. You will be more inclined to wear them if you really like them. I don't mind the toe cleavage, I just don't like showing the whole toe as I don't like how my toes look.

send 'em back...no point in keeping something you can't or won't use. then you'll have extra money to buy what you REALLY love and can wear.

Love them too! But if you are not happy you should not keep them. You are too funny though!

Hey, show that toe cleavage and wear them! LOL They are too cute to pass up!!! Love them!

Oh they really are adorable...but I'm not into toe cleavage either, it makes it look like your wearing shoes that are too small for you. (no offense intended to those that like toe cleavage, it's just how I feel they look on me). As you ponder whether or not to keep them, just start wandering through the shoes in other places on line...my bet is that you will run onto something else you love and will want to send these back so you can get some you are comfortable in and enjoy looking at too. Of course if you can't find shoes you like as well, there is always fabric to look at.

Those shoes are cute, but like most of the other comments, I don't like toe cleavage.

I'm not a shoe person. I think I own 15 pairs total, and that's including my tennis shoes!

I say send them back, I don't think you will wear them, regardless of how cute they are.

The shoes are so cute! And I kind of like toe cleavage.....but since you don't, you will never be comfortable in these shoes. They will sit in your closet...or on your floor, where you can admire them...and you will have wasted money you could spend on a pair that meets ALL of your criteria. Keep looking!

Toe-cleavage. . . I always wondered what that look was called. I can't say I'm very fond of it either.

Love your blog.

I bought those same shoes too! And they are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. The problem is not only is the toe area shallow as you describe, but there is no flexibility in the sole what so ever. Killer shoes.

call me a prude, but I agree - toe cleavage just isn't on!

When I was younger I loved shoes and had so many pairs. Now I buy shoes because their practical and sturdy and comfortable! I have a bad back and usually wear flats.

Toe cleavage really - who cares - if you love the shoes just go for it and wear them and love them. Are people really so focused on your feet? I think the shoes are the focus.

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