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I also think that naming a quilt can be difficult. Great table runner.

I name my quilts when the name comes easily to me, usually while I'm still working on it. My best so far is "Hibiscus at my Caribbean Cabin".

If nothing clever comes to me I go with the pattern name.

I like the table runner, I have some of that fabric in a quilt named "Pat's Quilt".....hmm...not one of my better days when naming quilts.....

I posted pictures today of the red and white quilt you commented on a few days ago.

I usually do try and name my quilts, but I'm not very creative. Your table runner is beautiful, no matter what it is called!

I name my quilts, and your right it's not easy and they either get a name that includes the pattern or something dorky...for instance, the very first quilt I made was an Amish 'Star Spin' quilt, it has like the card trick pattern in the center except it has 8 blocks instead of 4 and they were 16" blocks...well heck, just google Spinning Star or Star spin quilt and you'll see the picture. My sis in law and I decided to make quilts about 18 months ago and we had no idea what was involved but we were both experience seamstresses from making clothing for years. As we stood in the shop that was offering the class for this wonderful KING SIZE BEDSPREAD quilt with the beautiful center pattern, we were looking at the back of the quilt top on display and the first words out of my mouth were "how hard can it be, it's all straight stitching". Well, even though things went quite smoothly considering all things, we were stunned at the all consuming detail, number of small pieces and strips we cut, importance of acurate seams...you get the picture. We both finished within 3 months and were delighted with our results, amazed at what we had learned and totally addicted to quilting. With no thought what so ever I named my monstrously huge first quilt "How Hard Can This Be???" since then, I've been a little more sensitive to the work and love that goes into a quilt. I do think they should be named though. Man I get carried away...sorry about that, I really was just going to tell you that I adore your table topper. It is really lovely, and the Nie Nie auction was so, so worthy. Thank you for sharing.

My sister names all her quilts after songs, for example Blue Moon. I name mine after something that is happening at the time. I made a quilt this summer and since we had such a horrible, cold and rainy summer here in NH I named it "No Summer for You".

Mine are so original (the yellow one, the dancing hippo one, the one for so and so's baby, etc) but it helps when talking to my DH about them. He couldn't possibly remember them otherwise.

I usually name my quilts. Sometimes they incorporate the name of the fabric group or the pattern. Sometimes I get more creative.

I made a mystery BOM quilt top from a local shop a few years ago. It didn't turn out the way I expected (too much yellow for me)but I finished it anyway. I decided that even though it wasn't my taste it still had merit. I ended up calling it the "Merit Quilt" and that's what went on the label before I gave it away.

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