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Woo hoo!!!! Is this going to be fun or what?????

Evelyn Sloppy Book - check
Love of red and cream quilts - check

Looks like I'm in!!! The nice thing about swapping the creams is that the poor souls who do not share our love of red and cream quilts can still participate but add their own color!

This is my first swap....I'm so excited!!

Thanks for organizing this! I'll send my personal information to your super secret email.

Count me in too, Allyson. I adore that book and that quilt!

I want to join in also. This will be my first challenge and swap.

***heavy sigh*** I LOVE this quilt! But being in the middle of keeping up with the BOM's I'm trying to dig out from under (they are real road blocks), and finishing the two projects I have almost finished, I don't dare join in on this. I need to meet my goal of starting a really special quilt right after Thanksgiving and I'll be down to just 2 very simple BOM's by then. I swear I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER get involved in another BOM. I am so obsessed with keeping up on them that I barely get to anything else, including fun challenges like this one, with online friends. I will however be watching the progress of this challenge with lots of interest. It sounds like so much fun. Good Luck All!!!

Wow...need to find the book.

I'm IN!!!! I love the quilt! It looks fun and fast - my two favourite things!

I just sent my address to your email. This will be my first quilt challenge - and the red and white will be perfect for me. A couple of days ago I ordered the book Thelma mentioned in her blog with her beautiful red and white quilt. So I guess those colors are really calling to me at the moment. The fabric swap is a great idea as well. Thank you, Allyson and Nicole!

Scrappy reds are always my favorite, and I love the easy piecing. Count me in!!

Sounds like a fun and easy way to get the perfect reds.
Count me in. I'm emailing you right now.

I get it. I get it....CREAMS! I'm in...I can find reds so that is great.
Thanks for organizing.

I shouldn't, but I can't help it. Count me in too!!!!

Count me in as well, even though I shouldn't

I could be tempted to join....I certainly don't NEED to start yet another project....

Hello, I already told Nicole that I would join the challenge but thought I would tell you as well. When do we start!


I'm in! I love that quilt! I only have 23 quilts started, I need one more! Ha!

I'm in-I just sent you my snail mail.

I'm in! Nicole sent me over here and I would like to be part of the swap, even though I will likely do the quilt in a colorway other than red.

I'm in and look forward to actually using the reds in my stash. Jennifer (my daughter) and I are going to do it together. Should be fun.

I would like to participate! I came here from Nicole's blog. I don't have a blog so is it ok if I join in???

I'm in, too. Love scrappy quilts but I don't have much red in my stash so I may have to go shopping. Sigh...

YES! I want to play. I don't have the book, but I'm going looking for a copy right now. I also want to do the fabric swap. I'll e-mail you may mailing address right away.his is going to be fun!

Please count me in - love reds and love scrap quilts. Also want to participate in the fabric swap

Hi I already told Nicole that I was "in" for the challenge. I just read that I was suppose to tell you too... sorry. Hi, I'm in!

I can't resist this one, please count me in.

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