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Yeah!! I'm so glad you're back! Enjoyed starting the day with a good chuckle.

I'm guessing someone from Canada reads your blog and can tell us what a "tidy tank" is!!

What a fun trip! The fall colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what goodies you bought! Glad to know that you have arrived back home all safe and sound. :~)

So glad you are back! That scenery on your trip was incredible. I need a vacation. I know what you mean about buffalo. My dad and I took a road trip once and encountered them. They are gigantic!

You've been missed. I'm anxious to see what you brought back with you from my illustrious state.

Just found your blog - enjoying reading your fun entries & seeing the photos. Our son lives in Wasilla (commutes to Anchorage) & we are hoping to get back up there in 2010. Having traveled both during the summer and fall seasons through Canada and Alaska, we think the golds of Fall are pretty hard to beat though summer has its own beauty. Either way - so much inspiration for quiltmaking. Thanks for sharing.

I haven't even read your post yet...I'm so glad to see you on again.

Your pictures are gorgeous. My daughter and her husband drove down from Haines to Seattle a few years ago in February. So, I'm going to send her this blog so she can see what it looks like in the fall. Can't hardly wait to read about the rest of your trip. I missed you.

OMG! When I first saw "and then this happened" and the picture below it, I thought.....they hit someone on a skooter ...
....and they are still laying there!
then I slowly figured out what was going on.
I love the tourist pictures!!

Just came across your blog and have been reading your old posts.
I am from BC Canada and am glad you enjoyed your trip. You comment about the funny signs you came across had you questioning what a tidy tank is. It is a brnad name of large portable gas tanks that allows you to pump fuel into other vechicles/generators, etc. They are red and take up a large portion of the back of a pickup truck. Hope that answers that question.
BTW, I LOVE your blog. Wish I had found it earlier to join the red and cream snowball quilt. Loved it!!!

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