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Banff is truly an amazing place! One of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. I too would love to live there! Is that you on the sheep? You look so adorable!

Oh now I am torn. Which do I want to see more of? The gorgeous scenery or the Quilt Shops?????

You want to see gorgeous---Come to Nakusp where I live--about 4 hours west of Banff! Granted the rockies are truly amazing. I hope you managed to get to the Sugar Pine Quilting Company in Canmore. I stop there every time I go thru to Calgary. Glad you enjoyed your trip

I find it fun that a gal from ALASKA can be impressed with Canadian scenery. Banff is incredible. I, too, could live there happily.

What an adventure. I've only been to Montreal, and even then I flew in then flew out. It looks amazing, I missed a lot going by air.

I spy Gobble Gobble at the quilt shop! Some things are universal, Gobble Gobble everywhere.

Sure glad you enjoyed this neck of the woods. I live in Calgary and try to get to the mountains when we can, which is never often enough. I can see the Rockies from my kitchen window and they are all white now!!

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