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It's a beautiful quilt top. I love the fabrics you chose.

Add me to your fan club, I think your Cindy Lou Who is lovely. I really like your border fabric, it's pretty and really allows the center to pop!

I really like the way Cindy Lou turned out... and cats know best! You can see she is giving it the test of approval!

This is the third or fourth finished Schnibbles I have seen (same pattern). It is so interesting seeing each person's own fabric choices and how different the finished quilt looks. Yours definitely has a Christmas flavor!

I love it! Most quilts look better from a little distance, as do most paintings. Quit being so hard on yourself, it is gorgeous! :~)

Looks good to me, but then again I'm IN Canada lol. ; )

Allyson, I miss seeing you every day. You crack me up.

Love it! Great job. I haven't even taken the pattern out of it's wrapper yet!!

Oh, quit your belly-achin' it looks great! LOL

Looks good from my view! Good job for finishing the top!

Ha ha ha..."in canada"...lol Wait till its all quilted and bound Mizzy, it may grow on ya then! I think its nice right now...P.S. The Sneaky Swappers are lining up and ready to strike at any moment....BOooooo

Beautiful Schnibble; beautiful kitty.

I like your Schnibbles quilt, looks very Christmasy. I think your cat likes it too.

I would not dare to tell your cat he is wrong! He looks like a fierce attack cat. LOL

Allyson, I'm in Utah so I must be getting a perfect view of it because it looks absolutely beautiful. However, I enlarged the picture so that I was up close and personal and, well, maybe it's just me but even up close, it still looks super great to me, and your piecing and points, are excellent. Truly, I do love it.

The rollover! It's better than the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval! It's a bonafide winner! Good job!

I love your cat and the quilt is lovely. Mine was like yours-way too Monet! I am pretty sure yours is less Monet than mine. I should have used one plain background fabric or chosen other fabrics. Oh well, they are lovely quilts even in Canada! You have a great sense of humor-I am bookmarking your blog.
Thanks for the giggles!

Oh Allyson - it *is* beautiful and you are so funny. Glad the kitties approved - that should be all the design advice you need!

Nothing about that looks like a mess to me. I see only the artistry!

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