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Just reading about it boggles my mind. Good luck. I love your fabrics.

I like your colors much better than the ones on the cover of the pattern. Way to stick with it and make the colors work.

Yikes! I hope you stick with it because I want to see it all finished!

Me and Cindy Lou are having it out at my house too. I like the way she is going together, but I feel like I'm stretching so much, I wonder if the quilt will ever lay flat! And no, let's not even discuss the star points that I mixed around by switching my colors.... If I finish this by Saturday, it will be a Halloween miracle!

It's going to turn out beautiful... it'll be worth your pain and suffering! (I like the poem in true Dr. Suess fashion).

I've had my ups and downs with Cindy Lou Who too!! At first I didn't like her, then I bought her and fell in love with her. All was well until I made my snowball blocks, first time making those blocks. It's very important to get those corners just right! I started counting the number triangles that did not meet their squares when I was doing the final pressing, I made myself stop, I knew that number would stay in my head forever.

Now that I'm done I'm worrying about November and December, I hope they picked easy patterns!

I think this will be lovely when it's done, hang in there!

It really is looking good--you will be able to finish it -- I just know it--it will all come together and you will be amazed at it and you wonder why you were sooo upset--see ya--hugs, Di

I am just about at the point that I lay out the blocks and figure out all the star points. My design bed is occupied at the moment with Birdseye. I hope I don't get too mixed up!

I agree with you! It has been such an intensive pattern. I sure hope the next pattern will be easier. Flying geese were a piece of cake compared to all these 2" squares!

Yes, it was a pattern that required your full attention! A lot of detail packed into that little quilt. I was happy when I finished it!

I have to say I agree with Marianne.. I started out of order and uhmm.. didn't work..LOL
Great pattern though.

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