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I spent hours decorating our first tree. Every ornament placed with such care on the tree. The final ornament was the small china Santa face bell ornament my 1st grade teacher had given all her class. It was front and center. As I backed away from the tree to admire it's beauty...the tree came with me. I thought at first I was attached somehow to the tree, but I wasn't. It just decided to follow me, but I stayed upright and the tree fell to the floor. I stood there (barefoot) in a sea of glass while my husband swept up the mess around me. And yes, my little china Santa was among the completely and utterly destroyed ornaments. I'll never know why that tree fell over, but for every year since, we have tied our tree to the curtain rod. Helps keep it upright when the cats decide to climb it also! And my dear husband found me not one, but a set of china Santa bells on eBay years ago, so I still have my bell. I guess we all have our Christmas "stories" and that's what makes our family. Our own personal stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

What a great "first tree" story. I don't have anything quite so amusing to tell, but I do love a tree with multi-colored lights. Love that snowman fabric!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your story! It made me laugh outloud this morning! We have had a few "interesting" Christmas tree moments in our 31 years of marriage but,every year we laugh about our first tree. We went out into the woods at his parent's house and cut our own tree and got it home - no problem. Then we realized we didn't have a tree stand, but we had a bucket....so, a some dirt in the bottom of the bucket to hold the tree up and straight - no problem. Until about two weeks later - the smell of "decomp" filling our home .....let's say it overwhelmed the scent of the fresh cut tree! Yeah, wet dirt and dead tree - not a popular "holiday scent"!!! Let's just say that tree lasted just long enough!

Our first tree....oh the memories. Hubby had to get the biggest & tallest one on the lot. Too bad our living room had only 7ft ceilings and was about 6'x6' wide. Had to cut 5 ft off the bottom just to fit the ceiling and it took up nearly the entire room. You couldn't open the door into the room. It looked so hilarious with the one strand of lights and 6 ornaments we owned. We still laugh about it every year when we go looking for trees.

That's a great story, Allyson! And beautiful photos! One of my former graduate students is a teacher in Whitehorse. It sure is beautiful up that way!

What a fun adventure! Of course, at the time, not so fun. lol

I have to have white/clear lights on my tree. I don't like colored lights. One really positive thing about living so far up north, you have so many hours of darkness to enjoy your Christmas lights! :~)

Your story brought tears to my eyes as you made me laugh so hard .... what an experience you had. I've been to Whitehorse, but during the summer months and can just imagine -40F and that is cold, cold, COLD.

For trees, I love coloured lights but for outdoor lights, white they must be.

Loved the story and I much prefer colored tree lights!

Fantastic story...sounds like sheer determination...gotta love it!

Colored or white lights? I'll always choose white....

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I laughed out loud when you said you had tied yourselves out of your car - ha! Our first tree was a humble little douglas fir that we were able to purchase for a ridiculously low price like $3.50 or something at Wonderworld in Las Vegas. It was all the money we had on our college student budget and me 8 mos. pregnant. The two gifts under the tree were a bath mat and an extension cord - things we really needed.
Now, 36 yrs. later we have many more expensive memories but none so tender as we set up our white 6 ft. pre-lighted tree. (I prefer the strings of colored lights that are for the giant 9 ft. tree we seldom put up anymore)

I loved your story, It is funny how we can look back and have such fond memories of the hard{funny} times we all have gone through when first married. I prefer colored lights and red bows and pinecones on my tree. It is such a warm feeling sitting and looking at it, like an old fashioned christmas.

White lights and handmade ornaments and red bows. Although I did put red, white & blue lights on the tree 2001.

Great first tree story....brrrrrr.

What a GREAT story! It will live on through the generations! I once had a roommate who went out with her boyfriend to cut down a tree for our apartment. Her grampa lived on an acreage with plenty of trees. Long story short, they could not find a small enough tree, so they did the UNTHINKABLE. They chopped the top off of an evergreen and proceeded to hike it out of the forest. That is when they realized they had wandered off of Grampa's farm and into the State Forest. Well, that tree top stood in our apartment, and it was a good story, but I still have a funny twitch in my stomach when I think about it.

White or colored lights? I have both. I have done both. I see beauty in both. But colored are my favorite.

Hilarious story! My first tree with my husband in 1975 was promptly knocked down by the cat we had at the time. All my bright shiny new ornaments all broke! That can now resides in kitty hell. The cats we have had since never bother the tree.

Oh, my! I laughed and laughed! With you, of course, as I know you now laugh at this crazy tree adventure, too! I love clear lights best. The color on my tree is from all of the ornaments - and there are lots of them!

Well, I'm glad you can now laugh at that experience! It sounds completely miserable! I love white lights myself. I remember being little and me and my other brothers and sister would try to climb the chrismas tree...it happened every year. And every year it tipped over before we even really got started. My mom is a very patient woman.

What a fantastic Christmas story!! I havent laughed so hard for so long! I am definitly a colored lights kind of girl :)

Wow...your story made me feel so much better about the year our tree fell on me while I was holding it up. My husband had left to go to his parent's house to get fishing line so we could tie the tree to the wall, and it fell on me knocking me over while he was gone. Our children were pretty little then and kept saying, Mommy, are you okay under that tree?!!!

I love white lights. I have to tell you this...first time we lived overseas was back in 1989 (husband military)...the first Christmas I knew EXACTLY where the Americans lived because of the colored lights.

I like white lights. My husband likes colored lights. He has won all 8 years we have been married. Including his needs to be thrown away angel on top.

I like white twinkly lights, but the rest of the family likes colored lights, so I lose. We even bought the pre-lit artificial tree, so I'm stuck with colored lights for a while.
I've got a couple of Christmas tree stories, but one of my favorites is from my freshman year in college. My roommate and I went home to visit my family at thanksgiving. We trimmed all of the mistletoe out of mom's trees, bagged it up cutely and sold it in the dorms and all around campus. We made enough to buy a 5' tree, the stand, lights, ornaments, gifts for each other and our friends and we were the envy of our dormmates! I was still using the strands of lights we bought 15 years later.

Hi Allyson. I laughed so hard while reading this to my husband, I could NOT read any more!! So funny...Our one tree story was the first Christmas we were married (1974). We went up to Tom's dad's property to get our own tree. Nothing looked very promising so we decided to "top" a tree. No clue how big that was until we tried to put it in the Jeep. More hung out than was in and I think we had to trim quite a bit to get it into the house. We laughed about that at the time.

I prefer colored lights...so festive and fun. And that's all I grew up with. Though I do have a pre-lit tree of all white lights. That's rather elegant looking.

I used to love coloured lights but now I've switched to white - very clean, classy, and elegant. Not that my tree looks like that, particularly, but it's the thought!

I'm definitely a white tree light girl, my husband likes the multicolored lights so the family room tree is done for him, the rest of the trees have white.

I married someone who grew up with an artificial tree with nothing but red silk balls as decorations. (this was over 30 years ago, that was one ugly artificial tree). I grew up where decorating the Christmas tree was almost as fun as Christmas day itself, a real family event.

So when I, Miss Merry Christmas, married Mr. One Step Shy of Scrooge, buying, setting up and decorating the tree was not something that went smoothly. Why do the trees always look so small on the tree farm and so BIG once you get them in the house, if you can get them in the house! The tree was one long continuous battle, setting a time to get to the tree farm, getting it in the tree stand, straight, getting it in the house, the list goes on and on for tasks that would lead to a disagreement. Finally, after 12 years of battles, our beautiful tree fell over in the middle of the night, breaking ornaments that I had bought every year for those 12 years. Finally I had it, the next year we switched to an artificial tree, a good move for us. I now set up all the trees and my husband admires them. We make a good team! The thing I discovered and was pleasantly surprised by when decorating an artificial tree, if an ornament doesn't fit, just move the branch! For a control freak like me , being able to adjust and move the tree limbs was a blessing!

Loved your tree story and am looking forward to the rest of your Christmas week!

Our first tree was a cedar that we cut down in the woods. It was decorated with felt ornaments made by my mother and HUGE colored lights donated by my mother in law. Nowadays I have a pre-lit tree with white lights. I have always hated putting on the lights, but have loved decorating with the ornaments - so that is what I can spend my time on. Merry Christmas - and, oh yeah, it would be great to win the cute fabrics.

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