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That's a great first Christmas tree story. One you'll always remember and can laugh at now. My story is of 12 years ago when I went home to Colorado to visit my Mom for Christmas, my husband stayed home. Every year since we moved here to Arizona my Mom would ask me to come for Christmas and I never went. I didn't want to leave my husband at Christmas time. That year I don't know why I actually went and let my husband fend for himself and have Christmas dinner with his mom here in AZ. That Christmas was special because three months later my mother unexpectedly passed away.

Oh my word girl, it's a good thing I'm in a warm house and not outside because I laughed so hard at your story that my face was literally soaked with the tears rolling. Thank you so much for that. I have been having a rough few days with my scleroderma, haven't been able to sew and I'm going into withdrawls. It IS true that laughter is the best medicine. I feel better now. You also brought back a wonderful memory of our very first Christmas together, 41 years ago. My hubby was in Vietnam our first Christmas, in fact we were married only 4 hours before I put him on a flight back to California to head from there to Vietnam for 13 months. Our second Christmas, first one together, we were living in San Clemente and didn't have much $$. My mom sent me a little 2 foot artificial white tree and some lovely red ornaments with a little tree skirt. It fit beautifully on our tiny apartments fireplace hearth. It had 4 gifts under it, 2 from my folks and 2 from his. We couldn't buy gifts for each other that year. We set the little tree up with much pomp and circumstance...all 10 little ornaments and a tiny red star for the top. We lovingly placed the four gifts under the tree, arranging and rearranging, every day for the two weeks until Dec 21st. It was my hubby's first day off in over a month and he told me about 2:00 pm that he just couldn't stand to wait a minute longer. We HAD to open the gifts then because he hadn't been home for in two years. I did give in as I was anxious too but we agreed to wait until 7pm to open the gifts. It took him about 2 minutes to open all four (I let him open mine too because he was just so excited about it.) Now, I know these days 2 gifts each doesn't sound like much but it was a bounty to us that year and the new wallet and shirt he got, and the small purse and fuzzy houseslippers stayed under the tree until Christmas Eve, when he wore his shirt and I sported my house slippers. It's funny how wonderful, special times like that kind of slide into the background after so many years together but your story brought that Christmas back like it was yesterday. Thank you too for that. I can't wait to see what the rest of your "Week of Christmas" has to bring. Have a wonderful evening. OH...I almost forgot, I would love a chance to win the 'Henry Glass' Snowmen. As for Christmas lights, I love the variety of multi colored lights. Thanks once more for a wonderful laugh, fond memories and a chance to own some new, adorable fabric. Good Luck Everyone!!!

I loved your tree trial...am glad that you can laugh about it. We usually have a live, "we cut it" tree and I let the tree tell me the decor. Last year, the tree was very victorian looking, mini white lights and all the all glass ornaments I have collected over the years. If its a big, fat, long needle, then all the big colored bulbs and the kids handmade ornaments. Its beautiful no matter what.
Thanks for the chance - I love the fabric!

After that first tree experience I am surprised you still wanted it in your house! Yikes! That was one stubborn tree.

We have both colored and white strings of lights on our tree. One plays music and blinks in time.

I do like the look of the all white lights though. Like little stars.

(PS Thanks for the great giveaway!)



Great story! My best friend didn't have any ornaments her first year of marriage, so we decorated her (giant) tree with red and green haired troll dolls. It really was cute,especially from a distance! And I WANT to be a white light kind of person, I really do, but the more colors the better. I just can't pass up the colors!

LOve the story--bet you can still feel the cold from that adventure when you are laughing about it now--I have had some adventures with trees too--but---
I am a little crazy here--cause some years it has to be colored lights and some years it has to be clear lights--this year I wanted clear sooo bad--but was unable to get to a store to get them and it was one of those years where I was determined to get the tree up this past week end--so I have colored lights and my big tree always has the keepsake ornaments from years past and always a couple new ones!!
Hugs, Di--I love fabric with snowmen and I don;t care if they are multi or clear!!!!!!!!!

Our first tree was a tiny little fake one that we put up in out tiny little student apartment. It was perfect for two newlyweds! Gotta go with the white lights, so simple and pretty.

I love the white lights on other people's trees and houses, and agree that it looks so elegant. But then, I see white lights in the summertime on trees in parks and at stores. It's all very beautiful, and I love the look, but you know, you only see colored lights once a year--and they say Christmas to me.

A great post!!!

There is nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

We have always had coloured lights on our tree.

ooohhhh - I love the snowmen!!! I like the white trees the best but then again maybe the coloured trees?? fat chance of a white christmas here down under! the closest i would come would be to play with this fabric.

All these fabulous comments were nearly as entertaining as your post Allyson! What wonderful stories!

Too funny girl!
Well, I liked the "clear" white lites till one year I was channeling Martha, and started to paint the clear blubs with white craft paint...Ooooooo pretty WHITE lights!
Yep, me standing there for hours painting every bulb! Sunthin musta gone wrong cause the lites ended up fizzling out...Hmmmm, couldn't of been the paint?

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