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Wow, all so different and unique! Just beautiful. Great challenge!

That would be hard to do a challenge quilt especially with fabric that you wouldn't be wild about. That one would have been very difficult for me. I like how different all the quilts are and how different people see the fabric differently. Good job.

I love the way the colors blend in this quilt! I am glad you finished it with fabrics that you liked!


I'm so enjoying these challenge pictures. What a clever group. You did a great job with the shading on yours. I think I favor the quilts that actually tried to do something with that log cabin fabric, as opposed to the quilts that cut it up and hid it.

The winner is good but so is that last one. So folks don't get mad when they don't win? My group never wants to vote or have judging, but me , I'm all for a little friendly competition!

Love your quilt! Thanks for showing the quilts from the show. The top winner is lovely.


Quite a variety of quilts that all look so different even though they have a fabric in common! Interesting to see.

It is cool to see all the quilts with the same project! Great job on finishing yours!

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