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Those are some beautiful quilts! By the way, my swap fabric arrived in good order - thanks so much for the extra red!

Beautiful quilts have come from your challenge - I sure enjoy that feathered star book. It's kind of like magic how the blocks come together *s*

Beautiful quilts! I love feathered stars and have only made one...you are right they take a lot of time. I paper pieced mine used Sue Garman's directions from the Stars for a New Day quilt on the Quilt Show. Sadly It got really hard and involved when I came to the borders so I have all the directions and put the project on the WIP shelf. It was fun though and someday maybe I will finish it off.

Very pretty quilts. I especially like the last one you posted.

Your 2003 challene quilt is beautiful, but your quilt for this year's challenge blows me away! Beautiful!

My feathered star quilt only has one star, that was enough for me, and even then it took me two tries to get it right. Nice job on the cherry quilt.

This years quilt is a stunner, good use of the fabrics. I'll be eager to see what the others come up with.

What a talented group, I"m glad I didn't have to pick the winner!

Love the book title. Really hard blocks that take a long time to make. If you aren't up for it, pass on by! You have been warned.
Your quilt turned out fabulous.

Binding angel? There is such a thing? Send her on down to me when you're done with her!

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