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When that first picture popped up I thought, "oh what an adorable baby blanket"....then I saw the skulls, WOW, is that a hoot or what!! Goth Quilting Fabric! Who knew such a thing existed!!!

The table runner is perfect for fall.

I'm so jealous of your jammy marathon sewing days! Sounds perfect, you earned a few of these days when you were working around the clock this summer.

I've received all my swap material except one, and I know it's in the mail!

Housework will wait. Enjoy your time spent on finishing your creations!

I've never seen skull fabric look so cute! And I love the table runner too--I recognize those fabrics from the fabulous Deb Strain! I'm actually having a giveaway right now on my blog for a set of 8 fat quarters from that exact line on my blog..Ha! Sorry for the long comment :) Have a great day!

Skull and crossbones!! On the shop hop I did this past weekend, I went into a store that claimed to have the largest selection of skull and crossbones fabric west of the Mississippi. AT LEAST 30 bolts including flannel, cotton and fleece. I'd never seen such a thing before and now TWICE!!

I've gotten a couple of packages of lights. I hope today is the day I hit the jackpot at the mailbox slots.

I love the pink skull fabric! Her quilt will definitely be one of a kind!



I just saw that same table runner made up at a girlfriend's house today! Very nice! (Jury's still out on the pink skulls...)

Hmmmm, "Sneaky Swappers" eh? Guess there should be a total of 6...Hmmmmm...A mystery indeed!

I get so many compliments on the table runner you made! Thanks again! And I LOVE that skull material - how cute is that?! Great quilt!

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