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Yay! Snow! I am ready for snow!

The shop looks wonderful. I hope you will post some more pictures some time!
It was 80 degrees here yesterday and I had worn a sweater, which by 2:30 I was ready to ditch and just wear my underwear. It would be lovely to be able to wear a sweater and really need one to keep warm!

Good morning. Are you in one of those pictures? What could be a better job than working (very) part-time in a quilt store? Yeah, that sounds about right to me. And yes, it's been near 80 here the last few days. This morning...not so much. Maybe I will wear a sweater. Have a great week.

pretty black & white & orange quilt.

How lovely. I've read that article a while back in QNM. I remember there was a fantastic paper-pieced fish quilt on the wall - or at least I think so. I LOVE that fish - lol ! I'm hoping I'm on the right track here and not having a funny turn :-)

NOT SITKA!! I fell in love with that place from the movie. Where was the movie shot, do you know?

I've decided if for some reason I get to live a different life, I want one just like yours, it sounds like nothing but fun, even with the snow.

That's a very nice looking quilt shop!

Can you tell me the name of the pattern/book that the orange w/ black/white Halloween Quilt was made from? I just LOVE it!! Also, what is the name/location of the shop that the quilt is/was pictured in?? Lovely!! Thanks~

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