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What a sweet charm pack! Those will make such a cute quilt!! Chili, a quilt shop, sewing with friends..what could be better!! Enjoy!

I wish I could join you on Wednesday! Nothing I can think of sounds more fun! Good job on the

I am jealous that you are ironing all day because that means you have made a dent in the snowball challenge. Panic is starting to set in because I still haven't sent my swap strips!

I cannot believe you girls that have already started. I have not cut one fabric except for the ones I mailed! One of the problems is that I do most of my sewing on weekends and this past weekend it was in the 70's here in NH and it's going to be that warm next weekend too. I gotta get out and get my sun before the snow sets in.

Don't forget to trim off the points before you iron the HST flat. It is so much easier to do when they are still folded.

I'm sending my fabrics off tomorrow - but I can't believe that you've got the HST done already!! I was planning on starting them next weekend, and hoping to get about 100 or so done by the end of Sunday but wheesh - you've set a high standard!!

Golly, I just got my book from Amazon and you've sewn how many HSTs? Will I ever catch up?

I LOVE what you've selected for Picnic!

I'm still undecided on what I'm going to do about the November Schnibbles. But while I mull over my options I'm working on my Snowball, which I've decided to name "He sees you when you're sleeping". You'll get it when I post some pictures.I got 100 half square triangles and 4 sampler blocks made today! Tomorrow's my real sewing day, so look out!

Yay! My friend Jen and I sewed today. We made only a couple of blocks to make sure we were getting the hang of it. And we had chili for dinner, too.

Hmmmm.....Still nuttin ODD in yo mailbox yet?

I love your fabric for your November schnibbles. You're ahead of me on the snowball challenge. I don't have all my fabric cut yet. But getting close.

I'm just puttering along with my snowball quilt, cutting strips right now slowly as I go through my box of blue fabrics. I thought we had until the end of January?

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