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Oh, I love your November Schnibble! Very light and bright. I am making mine for a friend who wanted more subdued colors so I used Kansas Winter fabric. I like the results but it is definitely a winter picnic.

Good for you - lounging around...but it seems that you were still a productive lounger!

P.S. My mom and dad are REALLY thinking of an Alaskan cruise this summer! Wahoo! So, what days do you want us to come in?!

Picnic looks cute with the ME fabrics. Love the snowballs, and Thelma *should* win a prize for being first. Can I win a prize for being last?

Will there be a prize for the last to finish this quilt? That'll be me! Seriously, I've done nothing but cut the strips and made some HST's. Not even a test block yet. Just trying to make some Christmas presents and work, work, work-it's my busy time of the year at a college with finals coming up.

I like that term- "quiltlet". Perfect for those little Schnibbles! I have got my cutting done on the Red/White challenge... ready to start sewing now! Those other girls are quick a-n-d their quilts are so sweet- aren't they.

lol, I guess there are a few of us hoping for last place! I'm impressed with your schnibbles and congrats to Christine and Thelma!

Look for some progress from me after this weekend! I plan to focus on it completely and not get distracted by anything else! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm working and I'm blogging, but it looks like I'm falling behind. I'm loving your challenge quilt. So bright and pretty. I like the schnibble blocks too. Basket blocks are some of my favorites.

Just dropping in to wish a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.

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