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No Sneaky Swapper mail yet? HHmmmmmm....

I remember that quilt from the cover of AQ magazine, I liked it then and like it better now. I did not know it was a Miss Rosie's! I think the Stashmaster can give you some info on this quilt, aka The Big Red Beast.

I plan on getting my creams out in today's mail!

I'm drooling, yes DROOLING over your reds. They look perfect to me!

Nothing cuter than happy cats! That gold one's fur is particularly snuggly looking today.

LOVE that quilt! I don't have that issue of the magazine though. That was before I discovered the wonderful world of quilting. I am off to do a google search to see if I can find it! Wish me luck! :~)

Did you send out a list of strip swappers? I don't believe I have received it. If you don't have me in the swap, that's ok. Just let me know.

Lisa has made that quilt too! She calls hers Red Monster. It is a beautiful pattern, and sure does make a dent in the stash of reds.
Your collection for the Red and White Snowball challenge is looking good!

Yep, made that quilt and dubbed it the Red Monster. It's really beautiful - you will have fun making it, I'm sure. And you still have enough left for the snowballs? I thought I'd have a lot of reds left, but sadly, I used much of mine up making that AP&Q quilt.

I made that quilt a couple of years ago and gave it to my brother and sister-in-law. It was absolutely beautiful. I think it's my favorite of all the quilts I've made. I'm impressed that you cut it out in one day. I think I spaced it out over several days. Cutting is not my favorite thing, and that one has lots of pieces!!

My swap fabric went in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to start getting them all in. Love your reds. I really wish I had stashes of fabric like you guys do. I am slowing building mine.

Got my swap fabric out in the mail on Sunday using Mr Automated Postal Center at my local PO. That quilt is on my to-do list too, aren't quilters the most optimistic people in the world?

What a stash you have! I'm so envious! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I WAS considering golds and lights for the quilt - glad you thought that would look nice! But I'm saving that for another quilt and jumping on the red and white bandwagon for the challenge quilt after all. I'm going to put my lights for the swap in the mail today *fingers crossed*, so that one you liked will be in your mailbox soon!

Love the tin! Does anyone seriously need that much red fabric...I'd say you are bordering an obsession! ;-)

P.S. That is me, Chamaine, where it says Allyson in Alaska...apparently you were not logged off on my computer!

I made that quilt the spring of 2008 fpr my sons graduation quilt. I loved it because it was the school colors and it didn't look real feminine like so many quilts do. Like you I didn't realize it was a Miss Rosie quilt right away. I thought her patterns were hard but it was actually not bad. My college daughter was home and she pressed while I sewed...we had a great time.

Could you provide the year and month of the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine that Miss Rosies quilt was on the cover?

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