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Oh, pick me! A co-worker lost her cat this last summer. He was savaged by some wild thing and the vet could not save him. This would make a wonderful gift to her as a rememberance of her cat.

Such darling kitties!!!! I promise to give them a good home!

My best friend is the "mother" of multiple cats. I would love to give this to her. Thanks for your Christmas blog. I've really enjoyed reading it.

I am loving your Christmas week, bringing back lots of memories for me. I am not interested in the giveaway today, for I am not a cat lover. I just wanted you to know I am appreciating your blog!

Your site is so cheery-I love viewing it! The photo of your cookie cutters and dough really inspired me to start-so I'm right know elbow-deep in gingerbread!
Love, Linda

my husband's daughter is constantly taking in yet another stray cat - much to the annoyance of her husband!! this would be such a great gift for her and i think even her husband would approve!

Lovely holiday memories, and thank you for sharing the yule log recipe. As a relatively new quilter (but a definite cat-lover)I haven't attempted a cat quilt yet and I could give this one an excellent home. :-)

First, congratulations to Diane for winning the beautiful blue fabrics and threads...so lovely. Now, about those gingerbread houses...they are so wonderful. The Noah's Northern Ark is especially delightful to us because when my hubby lived in Anchorage for two years 2002-2004, he fell in love with the State. He didn't want to come home, wanted to move up there. I didin't ever get to see it because of my Scleroderma which switches into high gear in the cold. I'm talking anything below about 60 degrees, so instead, we live is balmy Northern Utah, it was a delightful 20 degrees Farenheit last night, lol, so today is stay in bed day for me, though I just had to get up and pop into my favorite blogs to say hi and see what was happening. Also have to keep up to date on your Christmas extravaganza and your wonderful giveaways. OH, how I would love to have the cat quilt, but I'm certainly not complaining. I'm sooo very excited about my adorable snowmen and now I can just get excited for all the other winners. But, we are all really winners Allyson because this week of Christmas and your stories and delightful traditions are treat all their own. I can't wait to see your McCabe Building gingerbread house. Our family traditions have gone by the wayside as children and grandchildren moved out, then after my hubby's heart attack, we of course had to make drastic changes to our diet and exercise routines. We try really hard to be good. The Yule Log recipe may be something that I can't resist trying though. Not only does it look delicious, it is very appealing to the eye and that always makes it tasted even better. One last thing before I head back to bed, where my hubby keeps reminding me I'm supposed to be today...***sigh*** this was going to be my sewing day, going on day 5 now without sewing a single stitch, horrible, just horrible. But I digress...the thing I had to tell you was I that as I was putting away some fabric that I had planned on using today, I noticed a "12 Days of Christmas" panel that I had forgotten about. It was one of the gifts a local quilt shop gave out during the Fall shop hop (weren't you here in Utah for that?). Not sure how I'm going to use it. I hate to cut it up BUT, if the snowmen and lovely snowflake fabrics are the right hues and values I might, just might incorperate it into a nice lap Christmas throw. I am never without one, summer and winter to protect my joints and hands. Thank for another wonderful post and sharing your thought and traditions. Okay, Okay, I got caught...my hubby is taking my chair away...Good Luck to Everyone in todays giveaway. Hey Allyson, remember when you were concerned that no one would visit your blog? I do, and look what you have created. A wonderland of treasures!

Oh I LOVE that cat wall hanging! I have 11 furbabies right now, oh heaven help me!! But I love each and every one of them!

Thanks for the great give a way!!

I've never tried baking a jelly roll cake but they are awesome looking and tasty too, perhaps I'll try it someday. Thanks so much for the recipe. Christmas baking is a fun thing to do and your right wrap them up and give as gifts. Sweet treats are always a good idea. Love your Victorian Christmas Cat quilt.

I would love for those little kitties to come and live with me and my brood of meowsers!!

Thank you for the opportunity to enter!



OH MY ---I have won something--and I will treasure the fun in using the fabrics,etc!!! I have entered many many giveaways since I started blogging in Feb 09, but this is my first win---THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
Have a great holiday--
Hugs, Di
ps--will email you my address!!!

Oh no - I think I may be too late - but I would love to give those cats a home. We have no animals at all in the house (we're both out all day) and these would be a pretty good substitute!!!

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