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love it!!

"equal opportunity stardom" lol!!!!

Beautiful star tree! Do your cats also like to just lay under the tree too? Mine love that for whatever reason.

That's funny about the tree skirt and your little kitties thinking it's a toy for them. Your tree is so pretty, I love the star ornament theme.

I'm so glad you blogged about your tree, there's nothing like a live tree.....I can smell it from here!

You are very clever, switching ornaments every other year, I just buy more trees!

That's one fluffy tree skirt, I would work up a thirst pushing it around too.

That's a GREAT idea having two different trees for every other year. I'd have a hard time narrowing it down as you have to stars though I LOVE that. And my goofy cat does the same thing which makes me move quicker to get presents under there to weight the skirt down! HA

Love your tree---and thank you for providing a "new" toy for the kitties!!!
Happy Holidays
Hugs, Di

It wouldn't be a real, family tree if the kitties didn't put their stamp on the decorating *s*

Allyson, your tree is beautiful. Love the fluffy look the cats put into the tree skirt. I have one dog that loves messed up beds and one the loves nice smooth ones. Consequently, all the beds get messed up, including mine. I am continuosly straighten things out around here. Then the messer upper "Friskie" looks at me like I messed up her clean house. As for your 'Special' stars...we used to decorate only with what we called our 'Special' ornaments. Those that our girls had made all through their elementary school years. Some of them we 'oh so bad' but 'oh so loved'. They are still all tucked lovingly away in box and saved, even the paper ones, and both girls are very near the 40 yr old mark. We also have many from the two grandsons we raised. Have a very Merry Christmas

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