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You're so funny.

WOW! My husband and I are major fans of Survivor as well! And both of us were thrilled that Russell didn't win. You don't reward his type of behavior.

Love your blog (been visiting for quite a while and have you listed in my favs.

Allyson, I have never watched survivor, but reading your post made me wonder if I should. Your letter to Santa also made me smile. No better way to start of a day than something from a friend that makes you smile. Thank you. Hugs coming your way.

Enjoyed your blog once again. I've never been into Survivor but I'm a closet "Deadliest Catch" enthusiast. My husband keeps asking, "Aren't they just doing the same thing over and over?"

"Well yeah. . . but you're missing all the drama dear." (Ha!)

Sometimes I get into Survivor sometimes not, this season was a not. That Russell, I just could not take him, and no one else seemed to have any personality. I was so glad he lost. I did watch the season finale, it was great seeing his face after Jeff read the results.

I have read online that Stephanie, Colby and Cerie are back....so is James..my all time favorite....I hope they're right.

Survivor 20 will be great right from the get go, I'm counting the days!

What a great post, a nice change of pace from all the Christmas brouhaha.....I'm running out of days to talk about all my decorations, I'm guessing folks will be glad I have to move on to something else!

You are so like me! I love Survivor. Thursday nights I am always tuned in. I am SO GLAD Russell did not win! I wondered to myself how he could ever win and then the look on his face when he did not win! Priceless :) I do hope that sweet Colby will be back on the next Survivor. He is my all-time favorite and such a cutie! Love your quilts.

i cannot believe natalie won. I did not want russell to win but natalie she did nothing.


WE were elated when Natalie won! Wasn't that a slap in the face for Russell?!
Have a very Merry Christmas!

I am a fan too! When the day comes that they cancel it, I might never watch tv again! To see the look on Russell face when he lost was the best thing ever!!!! I personally would have rather seen Mick win though. *sigh* But as long as it wasn't Russell, I was okay! I'll bet he comes back on the Villain tribe. eep!

Oh my...I have never watched survivor! (Please don't throw raw vegetable folks) LOL. So I can't talk about that. But what I really dropped in for was to one more time wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Your blog has been a delightful place for me and lifted my spirits more than once this year. Thank you for that. I look forward to next year and all the wonderful projects you will be sharing with us, including the stories you tell us that keep us all smiling, and occasionally, laughing till tears are rolling, Keep em coming Allyson. Hugs coming your way!

That was a fun post to read! I agree and look forward to the new session!

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