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Gosh, where do I begin? First of all, those paper pieced cardinals are so perfect, I thought they had been fussy cut out of whole cloth!
The blue and white snowflake themed RR quilt turned out smashing. Your red and white center is very cool too. It will be such fun to see what your friends do with it. Do you have to wait until everyone is finished with their section before you can see it?
Finally, the embroidered center you have to start with for your friend is amazing. I agree with you totally, pull those wheat and blue and grey colors. Do you have a book called The Border Book? It has some great ideas for pieced borders and one of them might be just the thing for the first round--you want to frame that center piece and not take too much away from it I think.

I look at the embroidery block and think soft colored pinwheels as movement for sky? I visualize it but unsure I can write what I am seeing...

Naturally I LOVE your center block, what could be more perfect than that!

The embroidery on the Janie's block is wonderful, I'm sorry I have no suggestions, you certainly don't want to take away from that block being the focal point. You have the hardest job, being first up and setting the tone for the whole quilt. I'm going to have to give this some thought!

I guess just do something simple that will accent the block but not detract from it.

Checkerboard? zigzags? square in a square? raindrops? slanting rays of sunshine? orange peel? lover's knot?...............

Oh my...I wouldn't even dare suggest what to do with the beautiful embroidered piece, but I'm certain it will be wonderful when you add your border to it after see the others. Wonderful, every one of them. Thanks for sharing them. By the way, I'm going to have to make something pretty quick with the snowmen fabric I won in your giveaway, otherwise I fear it will be lost to me forever...my sister in law keeps trying to sneak out with it, LOL. She thinks I ought to re-gift it to her but I think NOT!!!

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