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Stunning photos!

Wow...loved the photos!! Happy Holidays!!

WOW!!!! Absolutely breathtaking! I would love to do that! Although, that sheer drop off thing might make me a little weak in the knees and queasy in the tummy! :~)

I've taken this train trip in summer, but can only imagine how breathtaking it must be during winter. Lovely photos!

What beautiful scenery, although if I had looked over the edge, I might have fainted. I hope Santa took good notes!

I love the photos and can picture all the happenings. And to think I just emailed you asking for pictures and they were already here! Thanks. I hope Santa was listening when you told him what you wanted.

How fun! I tend to stay home in my warm little house during the winter. This post makes me want to go out and make some memories.

What a great train ride! Are you one of the four women in the photo? I have to know what you look like so I will be able to pick you out of the crowd when we meet!

Your life is just too cool! WOW, what a way for Santa Claus to come to town! The view from your train is breathtaking....those frozen falls, I just love them.

What a beautiful trip. Thanks for taking us along . . . . I hope one day to see a frozen waterfall in person *s*

Pretty pictures! You are so pretty in that picture! Your hair is so straight - way to go!

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