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I'm ready for you to be home and am looking forward to all your stories of your wonderful warm adventure. My 100th post is this week and I'm planning a fun week, I'm glad you'll be home with nothing to do but read my blog!

I've enjoyed all your posts while you've been gone.

I can't believe I finished this quilt on 11/23....still waiting to get it back from the quilter, she promised by Christmas...LOL...


I'm afraid I flaked out on the snowball quilt. Health problems got in the way. But I still plan to finish it when my shoulder tendonitis goes away.

My quilt top is finished and waiting to be sandwiched and hand quilted!


It was a fun challenge and so glad that I stepped out of my colour zone to make this quilt. Many thanks to you for co-hosting.

Woot! Completely done - quilted and all - on December 28! I love it so much, and give all props to you two for suggesting this amazing challenge! What have you got in store for us next? Here's the link to my Red & White Snowball: http://pickledish.blogspot.com/2009/12/red-hots.html

Thank you so much for starting the challenge and setting up the swap. It was my first time for both and I had a lot of fun. Mine is still waiting to go to the quilter, but here is the link:


Ok, Iam done, errrr, I rebeled, well, sorta....

Hi! Thanks for all the fun!!! I finished - well, I have a finished top. The backing I had on hand ended up not being big enough for the top I made!!! ooops! This was my first challenge and swap online and I am so glad I did it. I had heard of horrror stories with both, but not this one. And, I have met some great quilters! Thanks again.


What? You're in Seattle? I'm in Seattle (tapping foot). I hope you had a nice vacation. Can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures. Safe travels!

Here's my link

Oh*sugar* I missed it, but my rows are all together... I just need to sew my rows. I will send you a picture then:) thank for the incentive to do such a fun quilt.

Do you still have my picture of my finished top? That's all I accomplished. Thanks Allyson...it seems everyone had a really good time with this challenge. What's next?! :)

All done and posted on my blog. Lizzie

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