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Wonderful Madeline! And it sounds like a wonderful vacation. Enjoy every second of it!

Won't you just be having the best time? And won't we too, when you get home and tell us all about your trip! Have fun and be safe.

Aw, kitty wants to come too! I love your Madeline! Have a wonderful trip, it sounds glorious!

Safe travels.
And I love the Ruenneries fabric usage, just like Carrie did!

How lovely!

ANd oh, don't you need someone to carry your bags? I'm pretty strong! lol

Your new Schnibble project is oh so good. And the fabric choice good. I am not doing the Schnibbles but would have liked to use the same fabrics as you if I had made the quilt.

Last night it was in the high 20's-low 30's here in the Orlando area. Its not going to be that much warmer for the next few days. The low tonight is 33....sorry to spoil your thoughts of wonderful sunshine!

I love your Schnibble quilt, Madeline! I have pics of our cats doing the same thing! They want to go too! Have fun.

I can only say one thing about this post---HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME--but do think of us fellow bloggers now and then!!!
Hugs, Di & Co.

Kitty...Bah ha ha....Aren't they always just a lookin for a warm spot?
Well, have a blast on your vacation! It sounds really great...Ummm, yanno there ARE PCs onboard dontcha know....lol
Take care,
gael in foggy Sacto

So how finished is finished? Here is my entry into the Red and White Snowball Challenge.

Have a great time! And safe too.

Have a wonderful time! Good Luck to Keith in the marathon!

Miss Rosie and Rouenneries! A match made in heaven!!!!

Love your quilt...have a fun time in warmer weather!

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