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Looking good, Allyson! I opted not to have a border, either. The quilt is a bit small, but I just wanted it to be finished and couldn't bear to do another HST! It's perfect for lap/nap. I love mine so much more than I thought I was going to!

Your snowball quilt is looking gorgeous. I agree with you about the size. I enlarged my pieces to make a 9" finished block. Not that I've finished ANY blocks, mind you! Hope you are having fun at Mickey Land!

Very pretty....you're making me want to go work on mine some more...I decided I'm going for a bigger size -- 93" sq. including a border. I'm also using the border print as the center square in some of the red snowballs. And no, I haven't done the math on how many half square triangles I need. the setting is 13 x 13 blocks plus the partial snowball border before the outer border.....eeeek, WHAT was I thinking?!?

I vote for making more blocks or you'll never be satisfied with this quilt. Would you consider some small donations of red fabric? Just tell us the lines of red fabrics you used and we'll see if we have some in our stashes. You'd do the same thing for us if we needed you.

I vote to leave it and not introduce any new reds. Mine is going to be a wall quilt for Christmas. You can always hang yours if it's too small for cover.

Allyson, when you originally opened up the challenge, I remember thinking that if I could do it, I would have to make the snowballs larger because I also noticed the dimensions. Wow, 1495 pieces!!! I'm working on and off on a Millenium quilt with all 2 1/2" squares that without borders it will measure 80" X 120". I am trying to figure out a way to make it wider to use on my king-size bed so I have to put some type of border, or, even if I have to cut more squares, forget about the true Millenium quilt and add a few rows to the sides. It is the project I work on when my health issues prevent me from pursuing projects that require a lot of concentration but I need to sew for the relaxation. Okay, Okay...I know this doesn't solve YOUR problem, but I certainly want to thank you for getting my meager thought processes going and thinking of ways to make my "M" quilt the size I want. I have not yet made a quilt without borders but I have a couple in my small 'projects in waiting' group. Your Snowball quilt is truly gorgeous though and I do hope you can find a way to make it a little larger. Big hugs coming your way and I do wish you luck getting 'THAT' song out of your head. It was stuck in mine for about 5 years and the last time I was in Disneyland, I was 18 years old. LOLOL. Have a wonderful time on your vacation. Sounds like a truly fun filled couple of weeks. I'll be thinking of you and of course, now 'THAT' song is runnning through my head. **sigh**

Just a thought here, but can we do a Xmas fabric swap next time? Maybe a Christmas in july thingy?

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