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Your snowballs look great! I can't wait to see your quilt done with the fans - I'm sure it will look super! Are you planning a border for it?

Allyson...shouldn't you be getting ready for Florida?! j/k Pretty colors! I can't wait to see the finished product! Have a blast at Disneyworld and on the cruise and good luck to you with the 1/2 marathon and Keith with the full one! You guys will ROCK it! Love you!

From the comments above it sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. I hope you don't have to rest up from your vacation when you get home - ha! The snowball quilt looks great. I wish I had had the time to sew along.

That red and white quilt just sparkles doesn't it? Are you going to be totally random about sewing together the rows, or will you lay them out and fiddle with the blocks?

Love the snowball quilt! I love red and white for a quilt. Have fun on vacation.

Baptist fans, new to me, I had to look that one up. Good idea! What fabric are you using for Madeline? Hope you're having a productive sewing marathon.

Your snowballs look awesome! Have a wonderful vacation!

I have to get back to my snowballs. The holidays got me off track.

I'm going back looking through your old posts and I just love those snowball blocks. I have the exact red fabric I see in the corner of one of those blocks. Scrap quilts are so fun to look at!

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