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Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm sitting here with cabin fever feeling envious.

Fabulous! And Gobble Gobble is the cute one that we couldn't find, right?! I want to join you on this tradition...let's see if we can convince Kurt...

What fun to read about your trip. How funny that Disney World would have been cold for the marathon...but as you said, perfect for Keith's run. Glad you're back.

Seriously AMAZING vacation...like 3 in 1! (By the way, I only recently found your blog and have been trying to catch up...you are SO talented!) Glad you had so much fun. LOVE YOU!

What a trip! 6 outfits, you were kidding right....

How do you get Keith to visit quilt shops on vacation? You're a lucky girl! Any sporting event in any city we can make time for, quilt shops...never!

I LOVE the lights on the castle, it looks like ice. I didn't know Epcot had such good food! The last time I was at Disney World I skipped that park!

Welcome Home

Wow, it sounds like you had a great trip. We were all frightened about how cold it was for the Disney marathon this year, I didn't run it, but I had friends there who said the water was freezing on the ground at water stops and that people were slipping and breaking things. It sounds like it wasn't a big shock for you guys though. Your cruise sounds just great! I have one coming up next week and seeing you pictures is making me even more anxious to get through this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I'm off to check out yours. Isn't blogging fun?

Sounds like you had a truly wonderful time! Welcome home, I missed you!

Now that is my kind of vacation! Isn't Disney World awesome? I was there a couple of years ago on business, and managed to get away for a day with one of my colleagues. We did it all! What a blast we had.
I am with you about the sting rays. Ooooh, not sure about that.
Seeing that Bahama beach makes me question whether coming home to my own shower would be worth it!

Sounds like a wonderful trip. My husband and I visited Tulum when we went to Cancun in '97. Loved it. Also went to Chichen Itza. I loved Mayan ruins.

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