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Looks like fall to me!! Beautiful!

Those men just don't understand! I think that it's pretty! It does look like fall...those Essence fabrics are so lovely :)

Men!! Gotta love 'em! It will be perfect for fall--love the colors!

Well, seeing as I just posted my NEW braid quilt made with the entire line of Essence, which by the way I LOVE, I would have to say the runner is perfect! If a person could find that in a thrift store, then I want to shop at that store! LOL:)

Now that's my kind of thrift store shopping!! LOVE your runner....and hey...he's a...man...!!
Take care!

It's gorgeous, of course. Tell him that if he thinks it looks like a 2nd hand store purchase, then you CLEARLY need more money to buy "better" fabric. :)

Hahahaha! Men! I think (hope?) the word he was looking for was "vintage" - not thrift store.

It SO does not look like something from a thrift shop. It is adorable, and very Fall.

Men just don't get it. It is like mine asking me how many quilts is enough?

Second Hand Store? Hardly! I love your table runner, it definitely says fall to me! I can't wait to see what you do with Verna - I love that line!

Men...aren't they funny, my husband calls all my works of art "blankets".......

I like your table runner! I think it says anytime of the year except Christmas or Valentine's Day.

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