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WOW - you got so much done! Do your days have more than 24 hours? You have some amazing and beautiful projects to show for your sewing day - congratulations!

Love your french braid table runner.

Wow, you've been busy. Lots of pretty stuff here.

You have been busy. I love all the tops. My favorite is the hunter Star quilt. It is wonderful. I also love the fabric you chose for your Schnibbles quilt. Can`t wait to see it done.

Busy girl! Wish I could have joined you sewing over the weekend! Gosh I miss that.
I need to start making more table toppers. I keep saying that, don't I?

Wow, you got a lot done. Love the B&T. Now that it is done, you will find the missing blocks!

I love the French braid one. I really like how soothing the colors are. The round robin quilt is stunning and PLEATS? That lady needs to post a tutorial...seriously. What an amazing effect that would be.
Nice work, Allyson.

I love it, I love it, I love it! I can definitely see the beautiful blue sky and hot sun of Arizona. I am so impressed with what you are able to pack into one day. I thought summer was the time of the midnight sun but I definitely think you have at least 36 hours in your Skagway winter day. Hmm...maybe some scientists interested in time travel would like to study the Allyson phenomenon! Let's get Jane to pose a tutorial on those pleats too. Thank you sooooo much!

I think you need some more days off from work. You certainly got a lot done. I am retired now but I well remember the joy of those days off from work and getting to do whatever you wanted to.

I love your quilts...I am now inspired to make the Hunter Star...I have had it on my list to do and yours is awesome and inspiring! Also, my Schnibbles is cut and I need to get to it! Thanks for the sneak peek there!

Well doen on getting so many WIPS crossed off your list (here's to starting many more!!!)

Wow, that's a lot to accomplish in one day! I love the Round Robin quilt - it looks like a heat wave!

Wow have you ever been busy! The braided quilt is wonderful but I must say that your Hunter's Star is AWESOME! Love that one for sure! It is a keeper!!!

Beautiful quilts!!! I especially love the "Arizona" quilt - you can definitely feel that warm sun - and the black and tan. They're both gorgeous!!

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