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That cake looks too delicious, but I won't even try to make it - I've had the experience of trying to replicate a cake from a recipe that "belongs" to someone else - it never works out quite the same! Allyson, you left a comment on my blog asking about my red and blue star pattern. Your profile is set to "no reply" so I couldn't email you - the pattern is called Southern Skies from Jodi Barrow's book Leaving Riverton. It's made using the Square in a Square technique, but you don't have to do it that way.

OK...those cookies look SOOOO good! Love the quilt...the colors are awesome!

Yum - Allyson Cake! I wonder why no one else can make it? Now I'm going to have to try, just to see if I can prove you wrong!

I can attest that this is the best chocolate cake on record. And even though I don't quilt, I might stop in the store this weekend just for the cake. And thanks to you posting the recipe, I'll never lose any weight. ;)

That cakes sounds great! My husband's all-time favorite cake is a similar recipe, but with lemon cake mix and lemon pudding. I'll try yours, though I'm nervous since no one else has succeeded yet.

That round robin quilt is gorgeous! Your ribbon looks really cool, and Janie's snowflake embroidery is beautiful. I wish we could see the finished quilt when it's complete!

The cake sounds and looks wonderful. Do you use a large or small box of pudding? The blue quilt is very pretty.

I can also attest to the yumminess of this cake. I've got the recipe, but haven't bothered to try making it. (Why should I, everyone else always fails and I can eat Allyson's cake.)

Funny all the lovely quilt photos but you go and mention yummy chocolate cake and BAM....you have me captivated on that! I feel challenged now to see if I can make it. Hee!! I'll be adding the ingredients to the grocery list.

I've never participated in a round robin quilt. Who gets to keep the quilt when it's finished?

The cake sounds yummy and I love the border you made for the quilt! Such pretty colors and wave pattern.


You are right about the cake! I miserably fail at making it, so that is why I always make you make it for me when you visit and I eat pretty much the whole thing myself...pretty quilt! Have fun this weekend and good luck with it all! My mom always asks about you...

I made the cake! I needed to make a little treat for Valentine's Day and saw your recipe and decided to try it. My husband loves chocolate and I love easy - so it was the perfect match. I must have had the Allyson mojo working because it came out perfectly. Thanks for adding a little sweetness to our day!

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