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Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm inspired to get back to work on mine--if my should will ever get well.

What a show! I loved seeing the parade of finished quilts! Don't you feel like some sort of Matchmaker Allyson? You conceived the idea for this project and got all these gals together to make this project, and now all these gorgeous quilts have been created!
This is so much fun!

I've got all the HS's finished, and some of the strips sewn. Then, real life set in. I will get back to it. Carmen

Wow!! Thats an amazing parade of quilts. I just love it. I will eventually make one of these quilts. It is one of my favorites.

Oh what fun! Those quilts are wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing all of the variations on a theme. I loved the challenge as I would not have done this quilt otherwise but am so glad I did it. I love this quilt! Thanks so much.


Thank you to you an Nicole for hosting this. I don't think I would have made this quilt without the challenge and I am so glad I did. It is probably my favorite quilt ever. So what's the next challenge?

Love the parade and seeing everyone's different additions.

Thank you and Nicole for setting up the challenge and swap, and for letting me participate. The whole thing was new for me and pushed me into starting my blog.

Gorgeous quilts everybody.

Thank you both for hosting this! I have nine blocks left to go before I can join the ranks! NINE BLOCKS! I can do it! Is there a "still plugging away at it" prize? ;-)

Thank you Allyson and Nicole for doing this. It was fun...really. My arm is almost better...hee hee.
Allyson, you said such nice things for everyone. You should be an ambassador.
To Lizzie in Northern California...yeah, where? I grew up in the "real" Northern California...Arcata.

Hey hows bout a rebel Snoball quilt??


great quilts, great idea, sure wish I would have participated, I may just have to make this quilt anyway
I love the look of it, and yes it would be RED!!!!!

What a wonderful parade, one of my all time favorites, great job everyone!

What a great quilt show! WOW! Loved each and very one and I am now sad that I didn't get in on this challenge! Next time for sure!

WOW! I feel like I've been to a wonderful quilt show (all in the comfort of my home on a rainy day). These are all so awesome and speak volumes of everyone's individuality and creativity. What a wonderful challenge! Sadly, I haven't finished mine but I'm still plugging away. Thank you Allyson and Nicole for all your work organizing and posting! You've really inspired the makings of some heirlooms.

Congrats to Lizzie for winning and what a lovely parade of quilts! Thank you Allyson and Nicole for hosting this wonderful challenge and when is the next one starting????

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