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Isn't it wonderful to get to meet someone you have admired from afar? A few years back Lisa and I had signed up to take a class from Carrie Nelson. When she walked into the shop that was sponsoring the class, Lisa and I were like teenagers who had spotted their favorite screen idol. "OMG, there she IS!" Poor Carrie was just trying to shop and the two of us were peeking over the tops of bolts of fabric to get a look at her.

I LOVE Laurie's books! I feel like they don't talk down to you, most of the patterns are difficult enough to be interesting, but still totally obtainable. How exciting for you! Can't wait to see the next post!

What a FUN story!! And how nice of the LQS to call you down to the store to meet her. I do not think the little plane intimidated Laurie at all if she is that adventursome.

You made EVERY quilt in the book? Crazy awesome!

Your enthusiasm for this quiltmaker and author spills out into your writing, making this blog post a real treat to read. I could feel your excitement. I, too, go too far off the deep end for some quilty things, like my enchantment with Kaffe Fassett or my love of reproduction quilts. Anyway, loved reading about your experience with Laurie, and your fun way of telling the story!

How cool to get to meet Laurie. I also bought that book when it first came out and I have yet to make even one quilt from it...and I love batiks! Go figure. But I do like flipping through it and enjoying the eye candy. Good for you for making them all.

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