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I have been just hopeless at getting any Schnibbles done. I think your Cherish Nature fabric is actually something a person could decorate around, so the colors will really work as a table topper.
And your shoes? OMG. So cute!

That line of fabric with Roundabout will be wonderful!! Great shoes....I was trying on sandals yesterday. We are having 82 degrees Friday! Woo Hoo!!

You crack me up with your shoes, it would appear toe cleavage will not be an issue with these. I have to admit the bow on the argyle shoes is pretty cute!

I LOVE the fabric you've chosen for Roundabout!!

Two days left, are you going to get it done? I'll be watching!!

I think this line of fabric will look great for the Roundabout. I'm almost finished with my top. Can't wait to see the parade.

I love both pairs...what are their brands?!

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