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You post is great! But 2 things really stuck out... Ack!! I love Marzipan. I mean really love it!! Who knew Ben and Jerry's had an ice cream. Or really why would I think they wouldn't have Marzipan ice cream? So I must go and find it... wish me luck. Also, I am in love with the quilt from AP&Q. I have that issue and was admiring it. I just love the pattern!

Oh, Ben and Jerry. My buddies. Ben and Jer. In the past two weeks I have consumed three pints of their ice cream. Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and (my favorite) Heath Bar Crunch. I had an intervention with myself and am now avoiding the frozen foods aisle at my grocery store.
The AP&Q quilt is gorgeous! What fabric will you use? Some of the blacks and reds from Bar Harbor would be pretty.

You and my mom with marzipan! I hate it...she loves it! I gotta tell her that you love it, too, she'll love you even more! ;-) I really love the fabric in your new addition...and the squirrels - too funny!

I'm so happy to see the squirrels arrived safe and sound. We just couldn't resist!

And, I received my top in the mail yesterday and I love, love, love it! The colors are sooooooo colorful!

My favorite Ben & Jerry's has to be Dublin Mudslide with a bit of Cherry Garcia coming in very close second. Yumm! The quilt? Yes, I believe that quilt from AP&Q was a hit all around.

I immediately started collecting fabric for it. It's a 'gotta make it' quilt, and the sooner the better!!

I have tried to do my duty but am having trouble finding the marzipan ice cream. I will keep trying and will force myself to eat it, just for you, you understand. Tee Hee

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