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Yeah... I love your Roundabout! While I was super sizing my Schnibbles, it never occurred to me down size one! That fabric is perfect for an Easter table runner. Although, I think that cat has rightly claimed that project...those are definitely her colors!!

I'm still rolling on the floor over the "new pink".....

Oh my how you make me laugh...Nipple Pink...got to love that!!
Now why don't I ever have my thinking cap on for the orphan charm packs and downsizing?! Yours is absolutely wonderful for Spring and I'm loving it! Now I wished I would have purchased a charm pack of this line!
Bet you win!! It is that good!

I'm so excited to see something finished in this fabric! Love it!

I love how the cat's eyes match the quilt!

Very funny post!! Cracked me up and I haven't finished my second cup of coffee yet. Well done! I think the quilt is definitely about her lol!

I love it!! Your table runner looks amazing. Love the fabric you chose.

I love it! I have some charms of this Cherish Nature too, really nice fabric. Great idea about the table runner.

LOL - you crack me up Allyson. I love your pink idea. We'll know it was you. Those fabrics look beautiful in your tablerunner and match Kitty's eyes perfectly!

I love your idea of a table runner. Your Roundabout looks great!

love. love. love it! nipple pink - ha!

Love your table runner and it definitely belongs to the control manager. Thank you so much for the laugh, I needed it really bad right now.

great job! I love your take on this schnibble!

Love it, every Spa Blue and smashed Avocado Green inch of it. Nipple Pink, you're a hoot!!!

Did your horse win? LOVE your quilt!

Your nipple pink is much nicer than the description my son had of my latest quilt when he asked why I had to use so much poo brown!Love your table runner and your model.

Spit Alert!! Nipple Pink!

And, I love how your cat's eyes are Spa green.

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