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Butters has good taste and I would love to love on Tigger.

Hah. I have so been there. It makes me just want to give up when the dogs claim my space and my stuff!

Tigger is a twin to my Simon, such sweet cats those orange tabbies are! Butters knows a good place to make a bit of a nesting spot, lol, smart cat. I've had my challenges with cats in the sewing room and not always with happy results I'm afraid. Do you ever wonder how much cat hair we quilt into our quilts?

So cute...been there, done that, too. And since my cat can be somewhat unpredictable, it's a little bit of a challenge to try to remove her. If she's sitting on something that's up on a table, I just slide that object until she's ready to fall off then she jumps.

TOO cute :)


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