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Wow! What a striking pattern! That's going to look great with your batiks! P.S. Do I get a prize for identifying Alexander and the ATHNGVB Day?

Isn't it funny how we see something made a wee it differently and then we realize we like the pattern even better than we thought? I know this happens to me as well. Or I spot a quilt a love because of the color only to find out I hated the original pattern and now had to have it!

Love that stack of fabrics and it will look great in that quilt. I have a hard time picturing quilts in different colorways also. That's the great thing about blogs, I can see the same quilt in many different versions.

I love how color can change a quilt~ your stack of teals and browns is gorgeous and will make a beautiful quilt! I read Alexander so many times to my kids that I knew your reference too. ;-) ...and it was years ago!! :-o

I always have trouble imagining a quilt in a different colorway but when I see it done by someone else I'm always blown away. Why can't I see that quilt in my mind that way? I guess it's something to work on.

I love the 'no good...' phrase so much I use it when it's been one-of-those-days! And, after 30 years in the classroom, I've been a retired 1st Grade teacher for 9 years! Alexander sure knew what he was talking about!! Love the quilt pattern! Go for it! Jan

Heather Mulder Peterson has a booklet, "Livin' Large" that contains patterns for large-scale prints. You could that out.
I do the same thing as lots of people...it's hard to get past the book photo and translate the pattern into other colorways. I'm getting better!

Oh, oh! Those fabrics. I must have some. Love that combination. I am stalled out on my Beach Cottage project because those pales blues and yellows are just too wimpy for me. I should have known better. Now brown and teal? I am there.

The batik pile is yummy!

Sometimes we can't get past a colorway we don't like to appreciate the structure behind it--I feel the same way about pastels as you do. My eye just goes past it to something I like better! Glad you had the opportunity to see it "done right" :)

I am sure it will be lovely. I did the same thing with the Bento Box Quilt pattern.. picture turned me off.. then I walked in the quilt store and said I love that quilt hanging what pattern is it.. and my surprise was when she said Bento Box...
I now try to think past what I see.... LOL

I've kind of gotten out of the habit of looking at batiks, I don't know why, especially when I look at your lovely stack.

At least you've had mojo, my fabric choices are a constant struggle for me.

Alexander! I paraphrase him myself at times.

I have a hard time imagining things in a different colorway, too, unless I stop and make myself look at the pattern and try to ignore the colors.

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