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Allyson!!! Sherri's blog inspired me to buy some Fig Tree fabrics and patterns for the first time!! First up is that adorable basket pattern. I"m thinking I may get to it after I finish Jake and Wild Goose Chase, a perfect project for May!

I'm holding my breath on my sewing machine light too, maybe I just need to stay away from black-out curtains,

Piecing batting leftovers.....I don't even know what that means, but it sounds as excruciating as getting your gums scraped...what's up with that!!

Wow, I love that heart quilt and the fabrics are fabulous! Can't wait to see your creation.

I love Folklorique too. And that basket pattern. I'm going to make that. Someday....

So many baskets, so little time. I too, have that pattern out for inspiration. Alas, my Folklorique fabric is mostly used up.

Oh I love those fabrics! They will make a gorgeous basket quilt! Happy stitching!

I don't blame you for liking that cute heart quilt. I've always like Folklorique but my only foray into Fig Tree is Urban Indigo which I haven't made up yet. Oh Wait. . . I have another cute dandelion pattern that I collected Fig Tree for. (Busted)

ok, spill de beans...post us yo eBay connection...lol Really, I just get tired of scrolling through all the fabrics, can you give me hints???
gael form Pink-a-Palooza!

All that fabric for such a low price .... you must have thought that you died and was in heaven! Wow, what a deal and such lovely fabric as well! Good for you.

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