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You know, I don't think I have ever seen Tag Along/Tag Sale made with bright fabrics! Everyone always goes with the pastels like the one on the pattern cover. This is going to be a refreshing change! I have a jelly roll of Breath of Avingnon and need to do something with it.

Love seeing Tagalong in such bright and vibrant colors!! But must mention too...enjoyed kitty photo!! Always do!

I'm loving your fabric for Tagalong, looking good!

Tigger is so adorable, I would love it if Cooper would just lay on the back of my sewing table while I sew!

I love your blocks. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you've been sewing. I can totally see why you got the Sunshine Award. I have to admit I didn't know if I was into the Breath of Avignon fabric much but now that I see it made up into your nine patches, I'm liking it much better. You have a cute little helper too.

Your Avignon does look like the perfect picnic quilt! I love those colors together. Tigger looks so relaxed laying there, but I, too would be afraid I'd sew over a tail!

That will be a nice bright and cheerful little quilt. The colors definitely uplift!

My cat lies at my feet or under a nearby chair. I guess there is something to say for having a very small sewing desk--no danger of tails swishing near my needle!

Needles and cats do not go well together. I took my cat in to a new vet because she had food allergies and discovered that she had a sewing needle in her upper arm. It had been there a while. So tell kitty to be very careful!

Very nice 9 patches! Please tell Tigger to keep his tail safe.

Glad I could help with your good weather - ha!

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