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Sounds like a great time in Juneau. That eagle is awesome just sitting there on the railing. I think I would love that quilt shop too. Aster Manor is one of my favorite fabric lines too. You'll enjoy that sampler pack. You should have picked up a couple of charm packs for a Schnibbles quilt.

What a fantastic store! For the Jelly roll, what about Scrap Basket Surprises? There are some lovely quilts in there all made with 2.5 " strips. Her blog is here- http://magnoliabayquilts.blogspot.com/ and you can get the book anywhere! I'm making one out of Civil War Homefront soon- I love that fabric too!

Do you take a car on the ferry? I was wondering how you got around and managed to get your purchases with you.
My son has to fly out of where he lives.

I don't know where to start! First, the eagle is awesome. I have never ever seen one. Hawks yes, but never an eagle. Incredible. Just sitting there.
Your Aster Manor fabric is so pretty. I was fondling mine this weekend as well, thinking that if I used the reds and browns (or maybe the pinks and browns) only I could use a Miss Rosie pattern called Looking Glass.
The pictures from the quilt shop are wonderful--I especially love the way the reproduction fabrics are rolled by Martina's.

Gosh just to see an Eagle would be amazing to me! Oh yes...impressed with fabric purchases too. Hee!!

LOVED this post! The eye candy from both the scenery and the quilt shops is amazing. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you had a great weekend and glad that your husband made it home safely.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend, and I'm sure you are happy to have Keith back at home. I love Aster Manor, too, but haven't decided how to use my FQ bundle. I guess I'd best decide before it's impossible to get yardage!

That's a lot you fit into two days! Nothing like being free of the daily grind...

The Moda Greenpiece BOM I am in uses some fabrics from Astor Manor and they are gorgeous.

Looks like you have lots of sewing room time coming up with all the goodies you bought!

Scrap Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett uses jelly rolls. It's a great book

I don't know what a Bake Shop Sampler is, but I want one, to set on my shelves in my sewing room, it looks like a donut box......too cute.

Yeah, the man of the house is home, were the cats happy to see Keith?

How fun is that, the only way to Juneau is by ferry! I just love your life, well not the Costco hotdog eating thing, but everything else.

I'm heading to Paducah, Ky tomorrow, and not by ferry. They have a little show down there that's not to be missed. I live in the middle of nowhere but so close to everywhere!

I really enjoyed your post. I can imagine it was nice to get your hubby back home! The photos you took were great... not only of the scenery but also the eye candy at the quilt shop! What a beautiful place you call home.

What a nice diversion for you, Allyson. Maybe Keith should go to the Lower 48 more often!?! :)

I LOVE that store, too. Now I just need to get there...someday. I'm going to send this link (yours) to my friend so she can see that there is a new store in Juneau.

Allyson - Wow!! Great projects featured on your website. I'm thinking I need that Art to Heart book True Friends - I love the projects pictured on the cover. Definitely a must have.

Thank you for your kind words and all those great pictures! I'm so glad you came back to visit;-) Hope you're having fun with all those great colors and prints - happy sewing!

LOVE it --- all of it--great story and great finds and great pictures--thanks for sharing your little trip with us!!
Hugs, Di

That to me is the coolest. It's not everyday that you are able to see an eagle.

Hi! Just found your blog... I live in Haines and we are headed to Juneau the end of Aug. I'll have to hit this shop! Thanks!

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